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What The Future Holds For Andy Murray

Andy Murray, arguably a future legend of the game has been forced to cut his incredible career shorts due to a constant hip injury.

His hip problems had come at the worst time as he was the World Number One at the time of the injury. And now it has been confirmed that the player has been plagued with issues for nearly the past two years. The three-time Grand Slam champion has since considered retiring and is deciding on his life after tennis. In fact, Murray has already looked to give back to the sport by mentoring future tennis stars through a management agency, that is known as 77 Sports Management.

Murray believes that British tennis has not made any concerted effort in creating a platform for youngsters to succeed. He has admitted that managing these young talents has been something that he has really been enjoying. Andy also stated that his management agency chooses their talent based on the players personality and whether they feel that the youngster has potential for growth. But whilst building the franchise of his management agency he is still currently playing.

What the future holds for Andy Murray

Despite the hip injury Murray remained optimistic even though the road to becoming the World No.1 again being extremely difficult. Should Murray retire he seems set on improving up and coming youngster’s careers from various sports. He is looking to share his experience with kids to help them ensure they make the most of the opportunities they are given. Murray believes that kids need facilities that could help improve their game and Murray knows all about how to get the best out of one’s self.

His route to the top wasn’t the easiest either, for years the British Number One struggled to win any Grand Slams. He is hoping to play at Wimbledon this year but it’s a race for time and tough to decide because there is some doubt as to whether  he can play through the pain barrier. 

If Murray does end up deciding to participate at Wimbledon he will be unseeded and could play the likes of Roger Federer. This is a tournament that he has won twice which means he’d love to play at Wimbledon and possibly end his career on a high in front of a home crowd.

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Throughout the years Murray has provided us with many spectacular and memorable moments such as in 2012 when he managed to win gold at the summer Olympic games. A year later he proved himself once again when he defeated the great Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon which ended Britain’s long-awaited home-grown men’s singles champion.

A hip injury is hard enough to recover from let alone play with, so we can only imagine the determination endured during games, and we have to admire his tenacity. The tournament hosts would be extremely delighted if Murray plays at Wimbledon, but the issue remains that if he returns too soon it could result in further aggravating the injury which occurred last year. 

Andy Murray is an incredible professional who will be very much missed once he retires from the sport. It is unfortunate for a player who was just hitting his prime. The game won’t be the same without him, but he won’t be far from the game with the work he is doing through his management agency. There is no doubt that he is going to succeed outside of his career as a professional and he certainly has another bright future ahead of him away from actually being on the court.

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