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Doncaster: Horses Preview – 15:00, 15th September 2017

This one mile, six furlong race looks set to be one of the courses more interesting of the week, and with a £26,000 prize being awarded to the winner, it’s sure that we’re going to see steep competition.

One of the most attractive picks looks to be Byron Flyer, who’s seen an incredibly promising rise in form over the last two years; this race should give him an interesting chance to boost his win-ratio, and we’d be surprised to see him fall outside of the top three, at worst.

doncaster horse racing 15th september

Another runner to keep an eye on, is Time To Study, who could put out a more than impressive performance, given his past form, and his trainer’s dedication to the sport. He ran a fantastic race at Haydock, last weekend, and perhaps most promising of all, was the fact that his last race was run on very hard ground – something the horse isn’t normally too good at dealing with.
Now, looking at a couple of outsiders, perhaps the most favourable of runners is Penglai Pavilion, and while it’s far from being a certainty that he’ll be able to make the ground and score a winner, he could be a very dangerous contender to the favourites, if he’s able to get ahead early on; with new cheek pieces fitted, it’s not clear, however, how the horse will react, so it is, admittedly, a bit of a gamble.

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Another to keep an eye on, is Lord George, and coming to the course with an incredible form, he’s still thriving after his last race, which, despite not wining, was a huge moment for the trainers, as he was a big underdog. Despite this, he ended up getting beaten only by a length and a half, and this continues an upward trend of form.

It looks set to be a tough race to pick, but if we were forced to pick, we’d probably take a punt on Byron Flyer, who, at odds of 4/1 looks relatively generous. If he can come to the track on form, he stands to make a solid impression, and could see himself scooping to 26 grand on offer, for a first place win!

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