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13:15 Cheltenham – Sunday 19th November – Velcourt Condition Jockey’s Handicap Hurdle (Class 3)

Sunday’s first race of the day at Cheltenham sees a number of interesting contenders take to the tracks, and this class 3 races showcases some of the best talent from around the country.

The clear favourite is Aero Majestic, and trained by D Pipe, this horse has a spectacular form to boot and holds a clear advantage over the majority of the rest of the runners – but her 3-month gap between now and her last race may see her come to the track a little underexperienced, so it remains to be seen as to whether or not she’ll be able to pull through.

first race of the day at Cheltenham

Apache Jack is another name to look out for, and if you’ve heard the name of the horse before… well, that’s probably because it comes from the renowned S R B Crawford stables – the same stables behind training some of the most successful and powerful horses in recent history.

Apache Jack will likely run a fast race from the offset, and it’s more than likely we’ll he his jockey try to gain a foothold over Aero Majestic as soon as possible, because if given the chance, the latter will likely offer a strong challenge in the final few furlongs.

Now, if you want to take a look at outsiders, you’ll want to consider maybe taking a look at Atlantic Grey. This horse doesn’t have great form – indeed, finishing 7th in her last race – but the money appears to be tilting very slightly in her favour, and a simple glance on a few popular online exchanges will show that there is significant amounts of cash being traded on her – so it’s one to look for, absolutely!

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Other contenders don’t look at those they’ll be able to launch too much of a challenge, but Black Ivory, and Buckle Street are two other names who may be able to give the three horses above a run for their money…

Although if you’re looking to bet, you can’t really go wrong with a nice straight-to-win on Aero Majestic, as this horse is at her prime, and looks set to run a fantastic race!

Remember to take a look t the prices on the morning of the race, and they are subject to change – and get your bets on early to make sure you get the good prices!

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