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25th October 2017: 20:50 Kempton – Watch Racing United Kingdom on BT Classified Stakes (Class 6)

Wednesday’s race at Kempton – the second-to-last of the evening – doesn’t appear too exciting at first, with few of the runners commanding any major respect within the racing industry…

But take a closer look at the racecard, and you’ll see that there’s actually a quite substantial amount of potential value here, for bettors – and one of the first places this is seen, is with Lady Kaviar, who appears to be the bookie’s favourite for the day.

Kempton - Watch Racing United Kingdom on BT Classified

Ridden by Jane Elliott, and trained by G G Margarson, the novice comes from a stable that’s well-established… and she could well find herself the main contender of the race. With a form card that reads 57-7871, she doesn’t come to Kempton with the best history – in the slightest – but it should be pointed out that she does have a win in those last 6 races…

And with much of her competition at Kempton less-than-overwhelming, she stands a very good chance of adding yet another win to her form card.

Perhaps one of her main contenders, looks to be Quick Monet, who, despite a shaky last few races, has managed to bring herself back to the brink of respectability – and indeed, she’s a horse who certainly has the experience to succeed here, at Kempton, given the fact that she’s ridden by the highly-experienced Charlie Bennett, and trained by S A Harris.

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In regard to looking at the outsiders for the race, we like to look of Sixth of June. While she may not have the form, or experience to warrant a serious race here, she does add to the tally of horses trained by successful trained B R Millman – and with L Morris on board, to take the reins, she’s in great hands, both in terms of the stable she’s coming out of, as well as the trained who’s looked after her…

And we may well see her give Quick Monet and Sixth of June a strong run – although whether she can get off to a quick enough start in this short, 7-furlong race, remains to be seen.

Overall, it’s hard to find any value past Lady Kaviar – and priced at 2/1, she not only looks to be the horse with the best chance of winning… but also the runner that commands the best value, price-wise.

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