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Sports Betting Strategy

Sports Betting Strategy

There is no secret formula or strategy when it comes to having any success at online betting and beating the bookies. However, we can highlight some fundamental steps that one needs to stick to, in order to, with time and experience, maximise returns and minimise the number of losing bets.

To start with one should know everything there is to know about your chosen sport, teams, players etc.

Punters should aspire to find out any and everything about their chosen sport, there is nothing too small or insignificant. One should always bear in mind that bookmakers employ specialist traders, who have years of experience, inside sources and a vast network to have as much information as possible to set prices.

Secondly, once a thorough review of the match or sporting event is completed, then make your decision and stick by it. One always need to remember that favourites do not always win; predicting sporting events is not an exact science, and bookmakers can get it wrong.

Thirdly, always have several bookmaker accounts; which will then enable you to shop around for the best odds prices on the specific event. Online sports betting is fiercely competitive and it is important to always get the best return on your wager/investment. In addition, it is common that bookmakers will offer special offers on specific bet types and/or sporting event; and this obviously enhances the value of your bet.

Another smart practice is to stay away from accumulators. Wagers should be limited to two or three selections when looking to place an accumulator bet. Furthermore, try to avoid the trap of selecting favourites or selections that have odds on prices.

It is also worthwhile to specialise in obscure, less popular betting markets, leagues, and/or sports.

Bookies will often focus on the popular sporting events and betting markets, and if you can build up your knowledge and experience in less popular sports or markets, it is very possible to have the upper hand in recognising value bets and and subtle mistakes in pricing.

Following on from this, if one does indeed select an obscure betting market or bet type; make sure that you understand the terms and ‘fine print’ before placing the bet. One can easily get in touch with Customer Support via Live Chat, email or phone.

Finally, another important practice, is to control your emotions and never bet with your heart.

Punters have the tendency to bet on their favourite players and/or teams, especially in football, cricket and tennis. Try to avoid derby games, for example, where both teams are pumped up and players will go that extra mile to get their hands on the trophy and glory.