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Risks of Betting on Football Tips

Risks of Betting on Football Tips

When it comes to betting on the football, people have to remember as with any type of bet there simply are no guarantees.

There’s always an element of risk, even if the bet is seen as a dead cert or a banker.

To reduce the risk of losing, some people will search out for “tips online”. Good tips can potentially increase the chances of winning but there’s still a risk that you won’t.

To start with, it seems common these days that people actually charge for tips or a tipping service. This often means paying a fee on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis in order to receive tips.

The problem here is that you are immediately starting from with a deficit, so you have to make back the initial outlay before you can turn over a profit. If the membership or subscription fee is pretty steep, you may struggle to make much profit, if any at all.

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A tip is only as good as the research behind it when it comes to football. Research is key as it can give you a genuine advantage.

Another risk in trusting somebody else’s tips is that you don’t know how much research that they’ve actually done. You’ll never find a tipster who just randomly selects winning bets repeatedly, just based on their instincts or a gut feeling.

If the research was brief, it’s likely something may have been missed, reducing the likelihood of the tip being good.

People may look for tips online and opt to go with the ones provided by people who appear to have good strike rates when it comes to tipping. This presents a bit of an issue too; as 99.9% of tipsters will only provide evidence of winning bets.

So you can never truly grasp how much they win and how much they lose. It’s all well and good them showing a winning slip but nobody wins every time. It’s usually the case with people who charge for tips that they will highlight just how much they’ve won, in an attempt to drum up business.

Some people also tend to go with football bets that have been tipped by ex-players or managers who work as pundits. Yes, they may know the game pretty well, better than most people, but does it really give them an advantage when it comes to tipping? If their tips aren’t research based you’re basically going along with a hunch.

Football tips usually appear a day or two before the actual match or on the morning of the game. Some people will take into account team news and it’s important to do so.

If Romelu Lukaku was out injured for Manchester United in a big game against local rivals Man City, it would probably decrease their chances of winning. So you’d feel less compelled to back Man Utd as a consequence.

If tips are out too early, they may not be based on the latest team news. Line-ups are usually made public an hour before kick-off, so you have to take that into account when it comes to following tips.

In reality, you’re much better doing your own research because you’ll feel 100% confident in the bets that you’re placing.

If you do a thorough check on the trends, head to head records, team news etc. you will have a better chance of being successful and you’ll know just how much thought has gone into making the selections.