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Miscellaneous Bet Strategies

Miscellaneous Bet Strategies

There are numerous betting strategies employed by millions of people worldwide.

The aim of a betting strategy is to simply increase profit margins because people want to win and they want to win more often. Not everybody uses the same methods or techniques and this is pretty telling.

If one strategy worked every time, everybody would be using it and bookmakers would be out of business.

Selecting a betting strategy probably comes down to which one suits the person best.

It would have to suit their style of betting, financial situation and also their expectations.

For example, a strategy that required somebody to risk a lot of money for short term profit would probably not suit someone who doesn’t have much in their pot to begin with.

One Sport or One Team: Betting on an array of sports and numerous teams can often work against a person as it tends to be more of a scattergun approach, more hopeful than anything. If you focus on one sport initially and really get to grips with it, it is more likely to see you return a profit more often. The more you narrow it down, the better. So you could focus on Manchester United for example who play in the Premier League in English football. By becoming an expert on one team, it will allow for greater accuracy.

With this technique, it will allow for long term profit but some people may be tempted not to stick to the strategy as they may see tempting odds or offers elsewhere.

Bet Using a Small % of Your Pot: Long term profit is where it’s at. By being reckless and betting big every time, a person stands to lose everything pretty quickly. By gambling in a controlled manner, it reduces the risk of a disaster striking immeasurably.

So somebody could stick to a strategy of only betting a certain percentage of their bankroll, say less than 5%. This would allow profits to build up over the long term and losses would have less impact on the pot.

The key to this approach is discipline. Some people find it hard to stick to betting conservatively but it’s important to do so as straying from the path could potentially be disastrous.

Proportional Betting: This method sees a person bet a fraction of their current balance in proportion to their perceived edge.

It’s basically the edge divided by the odds of the bet. So if the odds are evens and the edge is 10%, the result is 10. So you’d use 10% of a £1000 balance, £100, to bet with each time. If the bet comes in, you’d increase the stake to £110 as that would be 10% of the new balance of £1100.

It’s a system that sees winnings increase quickly with losses slowing down in the process.