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Live Scores vs Live Betting – In play Betting

In Play Betting Guide: Live vs Stream betting

When it comes to betting, everyone has their own methods, tips and tricks. It’s usually the case that people feel by betting in a certain way or by using this technique or that technique that it will give them an advantage, which will hopefully see them come out as winners more often than not.

Betting In-play is big business. Millions of people around the world love the in-play format as you’re betting on proceedings as the event is in process.

Many would argue that this gives you a great advantage as you will be able to make better judgements before placing a bet.

So in football betting, betting in-play falls into two categories.

There’s live scores betting, when somebody is watching the scores and placing bets off of the back of that and there’s live streaming betting, where someone is watching the game live and placing bets. Both have pros and cons.

What you tend to get with people who bet through watching the live scores is that they are watching the scores of a lot of games.

So if they were betting on English football, they could be watching the Premier League scores, right through to the Conference North scores.

This does open up greater opportunities for bets to be placed and give somebody more scope but in the same process there’s more chance for things to go wrong.

With live scores betting, most people will have a web page open or an app that shows the scores in real time but as well as that they will have access to match statistics and this can be extremely advantageous.

So you can get a feel of how things are going during the game by looking at the possession, shots on target and corners etc.

Live streaming betting is different in the sense it only usually covers one game or a couple if people are switching between matches. Live streaming gives the viewer the chance to see what’s happening on the pitch with their own eyes. Statistics rarely tell the full story but by watching a match live, you’ll see exactly how things are going. It is down to how proceedings are interpreted though.

When it comes to working out which is the better option, it’s tough to call really.

You’d look at it and think that both options present an advantage over simply putting a bet on before a game kicks off, even if somebody has done thorough research beforehand. Anything could happen during the course of the game and by betting on it live, in any capacity, you should be able to gain a slight advantage.

Live score betting is a more analytically based method that will allow a person to make judgements based on statistics as well as logic.

Live streaming betting, you could argue, would be more based on gut instinct and emotions, as the person is viewing the event in real time. For somebody who understands football though down to a tee, it could be an extremely advantageous method to use.