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Free Bets vs Enhanced Offers

Free Bets vs Enhanced Offers Guide

If you’ve ever ventured into the world of online gambling, like millions of people around the world do every day, you’re sure to have noticed enhanced offers and free bets.

They are often well advertised, on tv and social media, offering people the chance to earn some risk free cash. The question is, what are they and are they worth it?

To begin with, most of these sorts of offers are methods used by bookmakers to attract new customers.

To many they are seen as an incentive to sign up and deposit some money. Most people who do use online bookmakers probably signed up through some sort of offer, be it free bets, enhanced odds or deposit bonuses.

Free bets

People love getting something for free in life. So if there’s an offer of a free bet here and there, it’s going to be appealing to those who like a bet. The question is…are they actually free?

What it comes down to realistically is which bookmaker you’re using and the terms and conditions of the free bet. Some free bets will be issued when you make your first deposit, meaning you may get something like a 200% deposit bonus. Other types of free bet are usually issued for loyalty to the company for example.

Now, some free bets are just that. You might get a free £10 bet and there will be no requirements except the obvious fact that you don’t get to keep the stake. So if your bet wins, the profit is yours.

With others you tend to find that the bets placed have to meet a certain odds requirement or that if you win you have to wager the bet so many times before you can make a withdrawal. So, you could end up spending more of your own money before you can even get access to your winnings.

Always check the terms and conditions before accepting free bets. It may not be worth your time or money.

Enhanced offers

Enhanced offers are another way in which a bookmaker will try to attract new customers.

They are short term offers, so they may only apply to one football match for example. Alongside that the odds are greatly increased, you could see the expected odds on a favourite priced at 12/1 for example.

So say Manchester United were playing Burnley and were priced at ¼ for the win, a bookmaker offering them at 10/1 will look very appealing to most people.

Just like with free bets, enhanced odds offers come with restrictions and requirements. It’s usually the case that these offers are only available for new customers.

Stake restrictions will apply too. They couldn’t allow people to put thousands down, there’d be no sense in it. So it’s often the case that you are limited in how much you can put on. It could be a maximum stake of £10 or £20 for example.