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Football Betting Tips

Football Betting Tips

Now, with regards to online sports betting, it is all about information, information and more information. Unfortunately, there is no easy simple formula of beating the bookies.

When looking to bet on football, one must make sure all relevant information is reviewed. Here is a list of items that one needs to cover:

  1. Complete review of Team Form, Pre-Match Reports and Post-Match Analysis. One must look at the form, as it reflects how the team is performing and their consistency. The reports and analysis is great to ascertain whether it was bad day or specific events before and during the match influenced the outcome.
  2. Home and Away Form is important. It is often seen that some teams are seldom beaten at home, whilst others can have truly abysmal form on the road.
  3. Check the history of the two teams and how they have performed in the past against each other. More often than not, past form between two teams is usually a true indicator of what the result will be.
  4. Make sure that you gather up everything available on the teams with respect to suspensions, injuries, substitutes, etc.
  5. Assess the importance of the actual match. There are instances when clubs not necessarily focused on that particular game, for whatever the reason. For example, it could be that it is mathematically impossible to improve one’s position in the league, or a relegation battle, or Cup Tournament that is not a team’s main focus.
  6. Always analyse the teams’ schedule. This is especially relevant when betting on teams in the English Premier League. EPL teams have no Winter Break, and if they are involved in other Cup and European battles, it can have an adverse impact on performance; especially if couple with the number of injuries and quality of squad. For example, teams can be adversely impacted if they have to travel abroad and often play matches a day after; these types of occurrences do give opposing teams an added advantage, which is not necessarily taken into account in the form.
  7. Finally, do not forget to check out other factors like the weather, state of the pitch and the referee. It is a fact that top flight teams have issues with pitches that are not as perfect as they are accustomed to at home, and it is not uncommon for some referees to have more of tendency to issue cards more than others.