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Football Betting Strategy

Football Betting Strategy

Football is the most commonly bet on sport in the UK, with punters able to place bets pretty much every day on a variety of markets. Some people will be pretty clued up when it comes to placing a bet on the football while others may only have a basic level of understanding.

This guide should assist even the most experienced punter when it comes to football betting.

Where to start

First of all you need to know where you can and will place bets. The options are as follows:

  • In-store – You can place bets in the actual bookmaker’s stores but you will be rather limited to the markets that you can bet on. Also, in-play betting and offers are restricted but by betting in-store you will get your returns immediately.
  • Bet Online – This is the most popular way to place bets these days. There are numerous benefits with plenty of online only offers, in-play betting and extra markets available.
  • Telephone – Some people find telephone betting convenient as they can just call up and place a bet. Again, this service can restrict you slightly, with a limited amount of offers and markets available to bet on.

Types of bet

People aren’t just betting on the result of a game these days, there are numerous other types of bets that are common in this day and age. Here are some of the more popular ones:

  • Accumulator – Still one of the most commonly struck bets, the accumulator is where a person selects a number of bets that are grouped together where all of them need to be correct for the bet to be successful. A small stake can result in a very large return.
  • Goal scorer – Betting on the first goal scorer in a game is a bet that has been popular for a number of years. These days you can bet on a player to score at any time during the 90 minutes or even back them to be the last scorer.
  • Overs/Unders – A bet that has become hugely popular over recent times. This is where you bet on the amount of goals that will be scored during the game. Under and over 2.5 goals is the most common in the market.
  • Score/Wincast – The scorecast and wincast markets are also growing in popularity. With a scorecast you back a player to score first combined with the score at full-time. A wincast offers a better chance of success as you back a player to score inside the 90 minutes and the team that you think will win.
  • Handicap – Handicap betting can be in favour of the stronger team or the weaker side. So if for example Chelsea were playing newly promoted Brighton, then Chelsea would be seen as the far superior side. So you could back Chelsea -1, meaning they start a goal down in the bet. This will give you better odds. Alternatively, you could give Brighton a head start.

Betting terms

You will probably read or hear a few different terms when it comes to football betting. These are just a few you may come across:

  • Accumulator – A group of bets put together as one. A low stake, high return bet but also high risk. You need all the selections to come in to win.
  • Banker – A banker or a cert is how you hear a bet described when the person is extremely confident it will come in. There are no guarantees in betting but a banker is as close as you can get.
  • DNB – or Draw No Bet. A sort of safety bet, where your stake is refunded in the event the match ends as a draw.
  • Double Chance – Another type of safety bet. You will pick a team to win and as long as they don’t lose, you’ll win the bet.
  • Handicap – Where you give the underdog a boost by giving them a head start or you can make it slightly harder for the stronger team by backing them -1 goal for example.
  • Half time/Full Time – This is a bet that splits the game into two halves. You bet on the team to be winning at half time as well as the team to be winning at full time. So for example, in a game between Arsenal and Spurs, you could back HT being a draw with Arsenal winning at FT.
  • In-play – This is where you’re betting during the game, not before like most other bets. There are often plenty of markets and the fact that you can bet during rather than before is said to give you an edge. Usually you bet in-play online.
  • Over/Under – Placing a bet on the amount of goals that will be scored during the 90 minutes. For example, you could back there to be under 2.5 goals scored in a game between West Brom and Burnley. This means the match could finish 0-0, 1-0, 1-1 and 2-0 and you’d win.
  • Stake – The money you place on a bet. This is the amount you stand to lose if the bet is unsuccessful.

Betting tips

So now you have a bit of an idea on how to bet, types of bets and terms used in betting circles, you want to know how you can give yourself a bit of an advantage when it comes to betting on the football.

  • Research – Research is key. It really is the Holy Grail. You can study form, head to head records and other trends to gain a real advantage. There are plenty of resources available online that will help you find everything you need to know. Be thorough.
  • Think long term – Generally, by chasing huge pay outs and backing numerous teams in accumulators, the likelihood of turning over a profit will be very slim. If you do your research and place singles with the odd double or treble, you should build up profit. Going after huge profit margins in the short term is unrealistic.
  • Bet with your head – When it comes to betting on football, everyone will have a team that they support. Supporting a team is all well and good but if you back them to win, is it because you want them to or because you actually believe they will? Always bet with your head.
  • Shop around – Always shop around for prices with various bookmakers. This is done a lot easier online, which is the best place to bet. Also don’t forget to take advantage of bookmaker’s offers. Weigh up the pros and cons. They may not all be beneficial to you.