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Arbitrage Betting Strategy

Arbitrage Betting Strategy

Arbitrage Betting is the process of taking advantage of price differences between opposing results on the one event, so as to ensure a guaranteed profit.

In practice, punters would usually be looking for a profit margin when engaging in this type of bets of approximately 2% to 3%, which means that anyone who is going to take this type of betting strategy seriously will require a relatively large bank. Therefore, Arbitrage betting if done correctly, will allow the punter to generate a profit, no matter the outcome.

One approach to Arbitrage Betting is to locate the prices of events with the intention of identifying discrepancies between bookmakers’ prices. So that one needs to be searching for games that systems favouring underpriced underdogs or obvious mismatches would immediately disregard. Close games and matches are what arbitrage betting thrives on.

The main focus is to compare as many odds as possible, or playing markets that accommodate quick price changes, to capitalise on the movements. So for example, In Play Snooker Betting is ideal, as it only has two outcomes.

Arbitrage Betting is very flexible and as one grows in experience, it is all about being creative with the markets.

Take for example, football betting and looking at Match Goals and Clean Sheet markets. If one can back the Home Team to score more than 0.5 goals and the Away Team to keep a clean sheet; with both prices at more than evens, the punter is certain to make a profit.

If one really thinks about this, the number of markets that can be mixed and matched so that a guaranteed profit is realised is near enough unlimited; and will vary from sport to sport.

Take some time and review the unending markets at top Sportsbook Companies, and see which ones represent comparable results; and how odds can be compared for value, and in so doing be on the road to formulating one’s own Arbitrage Strategy.

Note: We do not encourage Arbitrage betting in any way. It is know that a lot of Bookmakers are not friendly with this method of betting.