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Is Koepka Now One of The Greats?

Bethpage was the setting for Koepka who retained his PGA Championship title – fending off the current world’s best by ranking, Dustin Johnson. The ending of his tournament may have been a little jittery, to say the least, as he recorded a string of bogeys on the back nine of his final round.

Johnson’s own mistakes on two of the last three holes helped Koepka to get over the line and in the clubhouse without any scarring memories for life. This was Koepka’s second PGA title and his fourth major altogether. So, with such an impressive CV, can we now class Koepka as one of the all-time greats? Or is that a bit of a premature statement at the moment?

A Short Biography

Brooks Koepka was born in 1990 and soon fell in love with the game, along with his golfing brother who he did play in a team with recently. In the early years, he played for Florida State University and added to his trophy cabinet quickly before earning a place at the 2012 US Open – and only missed the cut by six strokes.

Is Koepka Now One of The Greats?

Once professional, Koepka enjoyed success here and there but none so much as the last years of his career. After winning the US Open in Wisconsin in 2017 and picking up first prize at the CJ Cup in 2018, he shot him to the top of the world rankings. However, this was not the highlight of his year as he had previously won two majors that year, namely, the US Open again and the PGA Championship. This extraordinary feat means that Koepka is the first golfer in history to win two major titles consecutively and back to back.

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Can He Be Classed as An All-Time Great Now?

His achievements are extraordinary as an understatement, and his age makes it even more likely that he will walk among the greats in golfing memories. However, is he there already? Let’s size him up against the likes of Woods and others:

Tiger Woods – Tiger has claimed 17 major titles, including a recent win at Augusta, and this has all been done alongside some serious injury-prone years.

Jack Nicklaus – Arguably the greatest of all time has 20 majors to his name and far outshines Koepka.

Arnold Palmer – He is not too far behind Arnold Palmer’s total, but if he can catch up remains to be seen.

Time Will Tell

There are other greats that he is also not even close to in terms of major victories, such as Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen and Ben Hogan. How he plays in the coming years may be an indication of his ability to catch up with these superstars of the golfing world. He will just need to keep his professionalism in check at the same time, as sarcastic comments such as “good luck to Europe with the fans” – reflecting on a boisterous US crowd welcoming the European lovers of the game, may not be seen as the most professional or classiest of touches.

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