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USA v Panama – Robert F.Kennedy Memorial Stadium

Saturday brings an important game for the world cup qualifiers, as the United States of America meet Panama. This second group of five teams care going to battle it out, and as the penultimate qualifier in the Central American section, the game is very important.

Currently, Panama actually sit above the USA in the group table, although history tells us that this should be a fairly easy game for the States. However, that being said, the Panamanians have improved five-fold in the last few years, and it should be pointed out that the last four of the team’s matches have resulted in a 1-1 draw. That goes to show just how tight the competition is between the two countries!

usa vs panama worldcup 2018

The big problem surrounding USA’s team, is the fact that their teams appears to lack youthfulness. While the American team has always been a bit older than other countries – down to the fact that their country simply isn’t a football-focused country – the likes of Jermaine Jones may be enough to cinch the deal… if the Yanks can put the ball past the Panama side, and hold their lead!

With their last six games including four wins, one draw, and just one win, USA’s form is certainly one that needs to be reckoned with, and you’ll see the side fielding their best team, for sure.

Panama on the other hand, have won just two of their last six games, and have drawn three, and lost two. Whether they can bring their a-game to the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium remains to be seen, but it’s highly-likely that we’re going to see them attempt to play a fast, hard-hitting, and action-packed game from the offset…

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Although the big question we have, is whether the two teams will be both playing a similar style of aggressive football… could it simply end in a stale-mate draw?

If so, it won’t go to extra time, or penalties, as it’s still a group stage match… and that would prove disastrous for the USA, who’re currently below Panama in the group.

In fact, Panama stand a genuine shot at hampering the USA’s ability to make the 2018 World Cup – so we’ll likely see the States come out fast, and hard, to secure a win!

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