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Will The 100 Million Price Tag Become The Norm In Football?

Transfer fees have been on the rise for a number of years now. To get the best players, you have to pay big and rightly so, but this summer has seen things advance to a whole new level spending wisely. PSG acquired Neymar from Barcelona for a fee believed to be in the region of €222 million.

This then had a knock on effect as Barcelona replaced their outgoing Brazilian with Borussia Dortmund’s Ousmane Dembele for €105 million up front and more in extras. So will these sorts of fees soon become the norm?

Well, before we explore this any further, you have to bear in mind that Neymar wasn’t PSG’s only big money signing this summer. They brought in Kylian Mbappe from Monaco, initially on loan but they are obligated to buy the player for €145 million next summer with an additional €35 million due in extras. So in PSG’s case, this really could become the norm. The Qatar backed club have unbelievable spending power and while they are currently under investigation for breaches of financial fair play, you cannot see them putting the chequebook away just yet.

100 mil euro transfer

What this does is have a knock on effect. They bought Neymar for €222 million from Barca, so they go and spend €105 million on Dembele from Dortmund. Now, Dortmund has been very clever, they strengthened their squad but have still managed to bank over €70 million. So they still have funds available to spend if they so wish. The same will apply to Monaco next summer when Mbappe moves to PSG permanently. They will have the ability to spend €100 million plus. Barcelona also made numerous bids of over €100 million for Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho, so again, if the deal is completed, yet another club that would have a lot more spending power than before.

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Another consequence of these outrageous fees being paid for players is that every other player’s price will dramatically increase too. Clubs will look at their star man and think well if so and so is worth €100 million, then so is my player. So you can definitely see it becoming the norm for transfers in excess of €100 million to take place during transfer windows. So far there have been five deals that have exceeded that mark and that number should rise over the next few years.

It has been predicted transfer fees to increase in general though, not just over the €100 million mark. Players who were once worth between €5 million and €10 million will now trade at €30 million and more. It really is a sign of the times as many clubs will struggle to compete as they won’t be able to afford these sorts of fees whilst remaining within the financial fair play green zone. It could lead to a lot of financial problems for clubs in the not too distant future, with the gulf between the richer clubs and the more modest becoming wider than ever.

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