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Will Everton’s Wayne Rooney surprise Guardiola’s City?

You don’t need to be the world’s greatest football fan to recognise the skill, and ability of England footballer Wayne Rooney. One of the greatest footballers of all time, Rooney has become a household name within the UK football scene, and youngsters idolise the striker, who’s become somewhat of a Saint in the community, thanks to his incredible goal-scoring record, and his impeccable record on the pitch.

That ability, however, isn’t looked upon favourably by City supporters, who face Everton in their second Premier League game of the season, at the Etihad.

It’s arguably quite a big game, and Everton and City have a fierce relationship, with City defeated by the Blues’ multiple times last season.

In fact, while it should appear to be an easy game for City, some are advising them to play it safe, with The Sun’s Alex Hylton, of Blue Moon Rising TV saying about the upcoming fixture:

“This is an Everton team who, while outsiders, could be a top four team by the end of the season and I’d like to see Manchester City approach the game cautiously and let our quality do the talking.”

Wayne Rooney Everton FC

City, however, do have some significant benefits on their side, notably the fact that they’ve never lost their first home game of the Premier League; a fairly big accomplishment, indeed.

A win against Brighton in their first away fixture will also see the team coming into the game with added confidence.

In fact, one of the most widely-predicted ‘events’ of the game, is Rooney going on to score an early goal – perhaps within the first 10 minutes – and this would be a huge setback for City, as it would see them having to adopt a far-more defensive stance than Pep would like.

And that may well be the approach Everton will be looking to take, knowing they come to City as underdogs – and anything other than a loss would be a result.

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Another factor that Everton will take into account (and one that will arguably have a fairly significant impact on the way Rooney plays, particularly the opening parts of the game), is whether Raheem Sterling, and Leroy Sane start this game. They didn’t, during the Brighton fixture last week, and while some fans were outraged that Pep opted to have them on the bench to begin with, most agreed that it was a soft, easy game, and that it was better to break into the season gently, rather than put out a solid team, and risk injuries to top, key players.

Still, nothing’s confirmed, and it looks set to be a tight match, with pundits and ‘tipsters’ offering 2-1 City as the most likely outcome.

Will Rooney push hard and try to score that early goal, or will he sit back, and bide his time, looking for a safer, more-optimal spot? Only time will tell, and if one thing’s for sure: it should be a cracking game, to watch!

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