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West Ham V Tottenham – 23rd September

Saturday sees West Ham take on Tottenham, and with both teams enduring fairly underwhelming performances in the last few weeks, both are keen to score a win.

West Ham started the season in dire form, when they got hammered at Old Trafford, and they went on to lose a great match to Southampton, 3-2. Followed up by a 3-0 defeat to Newcastle, itr put manager Slaven Bilic in the spotlight, with many fans questioning his ability to successfully manage a Premier League team.

West Ham V Tottenham - 23rd September

Thankfully, for West Ham, the international break appeared to suit, with their first game against Huddersfield on return, resulting in a 2-0 victory for the Hammers. While they’d have liked to score a win against West Brom in last weekend’s match, the away draw brought them a well-needed point, and their last game – a midweek League Cup fixture against Bolton – saw them secure a 3-0 victory, instilling hope back into the fans.

While West Ham may be back to a comfortable level of play, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Tottenham, who have long been worried about their temporary move to Wembley Stadium. Coupled with their abysmal performance in the Champions League there, last season, they’re yet to find their footing this season, with their Premier League season looking to be one of the team’s worst yet. Thankfully, however, their performance in other competitions hasn’t been as poor, with a 3-1 win over Borussia Dortmund in their first Champions League match.

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Their last fixture, a mid-week game against Barnsley, saw them win 1-0… although the match was anything but high-calibre, so it’s likely fans will be entering Saturday’s game with a traipse of anticipation, desperate for a white-wash victory.

One of the major factors on Tottenham’s side, is the fact that Harry Kane appears to be back to his goal-scoring ways, and, as their key player last season, the team are going to be keen to see him get back to his form from last season. In fact, with players like Aguero, and Rooney playing some of the best football of their career, if Tottenham want any chance of securing a top-three finish, it’s not just desirable that Kane can get back to his winning ways… their team depends on it!

Saturday should be an easy win for Tottenham, but like we’ve seen so many times in recent seasons, the Premier League is anything but straight-forward, so it could go either way!

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