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Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur

Saturday’s early game sees Old Trafford welcoming Tottenham all the way from London, in what could potentially be the most anticipated and revered match of the season so far… and with both teams currently sat in a tied second place in the tables, both will be keen to secure victory, and gain those well-needed three points to climb above the other, giving Man City a run for their money.

Now, while both sides have had problems, this season, for the majority of the time, they’ve both been on pretty solid form, and Tottenham have finally managed to break free from their disappointing three-match losing/drawing spell, which had fans questioning their ability to successfully challenge United and City for the title.

Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur

Now, both teams enter the match with distinct advantages over one another – and it shouldn’t be ignored that Manchester United are playing at home, with the support of – what many describe as the most loyal, and fierce set of fans in the world – and despite not having the likes of Rooney to boost their scoring-chances, United look set to test Tottenham’s defensive abilities as far as they’ll stretch – thanks to their stellar strikers, including the likes of England-star Alex Chamberlain. While Chamberlin had a disappointing time at Arsenal over the last few seasons (injury-prone, and often finding himself starting on the bench, he never really had the chance to showcase what he’s capable of), he’s managed to join United in a ‘new light’, and has helped the club achieve wonders…

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And combined with the solid attacking formation United show almost every game (they’ve scored in almost all Premier League games, so far), he’s proved himself to be a valuable asset to the side.

Now, when looking at Tottenham, as it did last season, all eyes appear to be on Harry Kane, and his golden boots. While his initial performance this season was disappointing, he appears to have found his footing once again, and has begun to increase his goal-tally once more.

We’ll likely see him playing a hard, attack-focused game from the offset, and Tottenham will be keen to secure an early goal, to ease the pressure, and feel as though they’re taking control of the game.

It’s sure to be one of the best matches of the season so far, and this is a game you do NOT want to miss!

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