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Manchester United Accept That Bale Will Stay At Real Madrid

There has been a bit of talk this week about the future of Wales and Real Madrid star, Gareth Bale. In Jose Mourinho’s pre Super Cup press conference he said that if Bale wasn’t in Real Madrid’s starting line up the following night that it would indicate that he is available for transfer.

He even went as far as saying that he would be waiting on the other side of the door, fighting off other managers, in an effort to sign him, if he was available that is.

Bale, like many expected, ended up starting for Real against United in Skopje and it was his one-two that allowed Isco to double Madrid’s advantage on the night. The question is, why would people believe a player of Bale’s ability would be available in the first place? The answer could lie with the ongoing pursuit of Monaco’s Kylian Mbappe by Real and the rumoured figures that have been mentioned in the media.

If Madrid were to buy Mbappe, surely they would have to sell somebody of good value to cover the amount paid out. Yes they’ve sold Danilo and Morata so far this summer but the combined amount would fail to be anywhere near the reported price tag that Monaco have put on their most coveted asset. If Real sold Bale, they would have enough money to finance the Mbappe deal, potentially with a bit left over too.

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Manchester United would have looked at the situation, like many others, and thought that if Mbappe was to arrive at the Bernabeu, that Bale would find his game time limited. This being because Mbappe excels one of the wide front three positions, just like the Welshman. So the thinking was that if they were to sell anyone that it would be Bale.

Jose Mourinho is also on the lookout for a wide player who can give his side another dimension in the final third.

Bale tore up the Premier League at Spurs before departing for La Liga and he’s only got better and better as time has progressed. He would give Manchester United a huge chance in winning the title and United are one of very few who could finance the deal. The price tag would be hefty and the wages steep but the Old Trafford hierarchy would back Mourinho by financing arguably the final piece in the United jigsaw.

If the Super Cup was anything to go by, Bale isn’t available, not yet anyway. He’s constantly reiterated his desire to stay at Real and only recently signed a new long term deal with the La Liga giants. Even the Welshman’s agent has come out and said his client is not available and that he will be staying put for now. It will be interesting to see what happens if Kylian Mbappe does arrive in Madrid but for now it seems that the race to sign Gareth Bale is over.

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