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Man City vs. Watford – 15:00 – 16th September – Match Preview

Marco Silva, the coach-at-large of Watford had – it’s fair to say a pretty staggeringly up-hill battle coming on to manage Watford… and indeed, with the team losing six consecutive matches, he certainly had his work cut out for him. Despite the seemingly impossible task, however, Silva has risen to the challenge, and has managed to score the team 8 points from a total of 12; not bad, at all, for a team considered by many to be in the lower 10% of all sides playing in the Premier League.

With away wins at both Bournemouth and Southampton so far this season, Watford also have an unblemished away record… although they are now taking on significantly more experienced players, and, facing one of the world’s best managers, it remains to be seen whether Silva can outwit the blue’s to score victory, once more.

Man City vs. Watford

Man City, like Watford, have enjoyed a pretty decent start to their season, and a recent 5-0 thrashing over Liverpool has restored confidence in both the team, and the fans, after a relatively disappointing end to the season, earlier in the year.

While City aren’t quite top of the table (succumbing to United), they have the big benefit of having one of the world’s top strikes – Sergio Agerio – being on form… and if he put on his golden boots during this game, and penetrate Watford’s defence, expect to see him try for multiple goals.

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One thing that could impact the course of the game, is whether or not Guardiola is tempted to move around his team – this comes after another big wins mid-week, with the team winning in the Netherlands 4-0. We may well see Raheem Sterling start, given his impressive past performances, and one thing that we can say about City, with near certainty, is they’ll be doing all they can to continue their current two-game clean sheet – something the team are notorious for being unable to maintain.

While it should – theoretically – be a fairly easy win for City, it could prove an interesting game if Watford can push forward, and break through City’s defence – although given the form the blues are in right now, Watford will need to bring forward their A-game in order to stand a chance of taking on one of the country’s best.

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