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Liverpool vs. Burnley Match Preview – Saturday 16th September

The season started so well for Jurgen Klopp, and his team; they looked as though they were off to the perfect start, given their 4-0 whipping of Arsenal, alongside moving further into the Champions League – and fans and pundits alike, thought the team looked set to make a solid first-quarter of the season.

As Liverpool are somewhat renowned for, however, it wasn’t to last, and their recent thrashing by Man City (a 5-0 defeat) has somewhat grounded the team’s fans, with uncertainty resting even on whether the reds can defeat Burnley this Saturday – a fixture which, would otherwise, be seen as a relatively easy win.

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Due to pressure from fans, it’s likely we’ll see Klopp put his best team forward, and indeed, we’re likely to see Coutinho start – for the first time this season. Taking his place on a team that’s been very up and down during their first couple of months of the season, it remains to be see whether or not starting will benefit the rest of the team or not – but given their last match result, it’s unlikely they’ve got much to lose, score-wise.

Burnley on the other hand enter the match tied on points with Liverpool (although actually, Burnley are ahead on goal difference), and we are likely to see Dyche field the best team he can put up, to try and catapult his side 3 points above Liverpool in the tables.

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Granted, Burnley have only won two of their last 5 Premier League games, but they have won half of their last 6 fixtures – with only one loss. Given that Liverpool are playing at home, however, whether Burnley can come to the match with any form of significant playing-edge remains to be seen.

Another big decision which will likely help to determine the outcome of the game, is how Klopp rotates some of his players; Daniel Sturridge, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain may both see themselves moved into another positions – and whether Burnley can conquer this competitive ‘shift in position’ will be another decisive factor into who wins.

Bookies are, of course, favouring Liverpool to win the match, but it appears there could be some value in betting on a draw – which seems quite a likely scenario, given both teams being pretty keen to score a win.

Our prediction? It’ll either be a 0-0 draw, or a complete goal frenzy, ending in 2-2, or maybe even 3-3!

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