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Is There Anyone That Can Replace Arsene Wenger?

A lot has been said in the press about whether Arsenal should have let Arsene Wenger go at the end of his contract, rather than offering him a new two-year deal.

Looking at this season so far, some fans would agree that the Frenchman’s time at the club shouldn’t have extended into this season, especially after defeat at Stoke and a 4-0 drubbing at Anfield. They did, however, do themselves justice against champions Chelsea. In fact, for parts, they were the better side and probably should have scored at least but they definitely would have taken the 0-0 draw prior to kick off.

So really, you could probably make a case for Arsene Wenger staying or going but there will come a time when he departs the Emirates; however, is there anyone who can replace him? You have to remember that he has been at the club over 21 years, so the transition will be far from smooth. Look at what happened when Sir Alex Ferguson called it a day at Manchester United, they only seem to be on the up now, 4 years later. The fact that Wenger has such a hands-on approach at the club, in most departments, means there will need to be considerable amounts of change.

Arsene Wenger

While some may consider that the whole club needs a fresh approach, this may rule out the likes of Eddie Howe as potential replacements, just simply due to how big the job is and what it will entail away from the pitch. Diego Simeone has long been linked with the role and even though he has just signed a new 2-year deal himself, he would surely be a perfect fit. He’s in his late forties to he’s young enough to lead the club for the long term and he’s proven this is his way of doing things at Atletico Madrid. He can compete with the bigger teams, both domestically and on the European stage too. He’s also a manager who does things his way and commands the respect of everyone, not just his players.

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Thomas Tuchel, currently without a club, was heavily linked with Wenger’s job over recent times and the 44-year-old was highly impressive during his 2 year stint at Borussia Dortmund. Again, the problem could be that this job is slightly too big of an ask for him. We say David Moyes endure a torrid time at Old Trafford after a great 11 years at Everton and the Arsenal board will be keen not to make the same mistakes.

If they can’t get Simeone out of his beloved Atletico Madrid, maybe a wise old head such as Rafael Benitez would be the route to go down, just to oversee things in the short term, preparing the club for their next long-term appointment. Anyways, one thing is for certain, according to online bookmakers, the timing and the candidates for the position are still far from decided. However, when The Arsenal hierarchy finally decides to take the plunge, they will need to get their next move or moves right, otherwise they club could temporarily go backwards and nobody wants to see that happen.

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