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Chelsea v Arsenal: Sunday 17th September

With one of the most anticipated games taking place at Stamford Bridge this Sunday of the season, all bets are on, and the game looks set to be one of the most interesting this year yet.

Having already met already this season, Arsenal clinched a tight victory over Chelsea in their previous meet, coming out narrowly on top, through the penalty shootout, although Chelsea’s form should not be ignored;

Chelsea v Arsenal

Indeed, Antonio Conte’s side have managed to win each of their four previous matches since their defeat to Arsenal just a couple of months ago, and with these victories taking place against competitive teams, such as Tottenham, Everton, and Leicester City, it can hardly be said that Chelsea have just been ‘lucky’; indeed, they’ve been playing a superior game, and their midweek thrashing of Qarabag FK (a 6-0 win for the visiting side) saw the team see a stellar return to the competition, following nearly a year-long absence.

However, it should be pointed out that Chelsea’s run of good fortune may come to an end, given their tough fixture list over the next few games. With an away trip to Stoke City, another away match at Atletico Madrid’s new stadium, followed-up by a tough game against City, and it’s not hard to think that Chelsea could be put on their backsides, if they drop form at all.

Arsenal, on the other hand, could pull through if they can get the match off to a good start, and with Sanchez predicted to start, an early goal could be on the cards if Chelsea’s defensive tactics can be penetrated.

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Arsenal are, however, likely to be without Francis Coeuqlin, due to his hamstring injury, and Santi Cazorla will also be continuing his seat on the bench, due to a long-time injury.

It’s certain to be one of the best matches so far, of the season, and fans on both sides will be eager to score a win – particularly with the fight for the top three so tight, at the moment.

Interestingly, fans have been advised to arrive at the stadium up to three hours before the game’s kick off, due to security concerns (heightened by the terror attack which took place in London the day before), and while this is unlikely to impact the game itself, it may have an effect on the crowd, and their desire to see their team pull through.

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