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Why The FA Cup Still Has That Magic

The FA Cup is a football competition that is known all around the world, with many countries broadcasting fixtures live over the course of the season.

While football is a sport that is constantly changing and evolving, the FA Cup has remained a constant throughout, but some do feel that it has lost a bit of it’s magic over the years. With teams now aiming to lift the Premier League title, or to attempt to have success in Europe, has the FA Cup lost its touch?

First of all, who doesn’t love a giant killing in the Cup? You could say that this is one of the best parts of the FA Cup, especially when a Premier League side falls at the hands of a team further down the leagues. A prime example of this from this season’s competition is when League One side Wigan beat Premier League champions Manchester City 1-0. Will Grigg managed to strike late on in what was a thrilling tie to send City crashing out.

FA Cup

In normal circumstances, lower league teams wouldn’t be beating the best sides in the country, and they certainly wouldn’t be keeping clean sheets against them either. There is a belief that in the FA Cup anything can happen and that has been the case for many years now, as many bigger teams have found out.

Also, in normal circumstances, some of the fixtures that take place probably wouldn’t be likely to occur as normal league fixtures. So, it gives fans of clubs a chance to see some players in action that they’re used to watching only on the TV. It’s also a great source of income for clubs too, some of which rely on the money generated in ticket sales in order to survive as a football club.

So, the FA Cup certainly hasn’t lost that magic it has always had in many people’s eyes. There has been a suggestion that the bigger clubs in the Premier League see it as of reduced importance these days, especially as they go in the hunt for perceived bigger prizes. 

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However, Jose Mourinho is one manager who has always talked up the competition and his Manchester United side will take on Chelsea in this year’s final at Wembley stadium in less than three weeks’ time. Both sides will undoubtedly want to win on the day and add further silverware to their trophy cabinet.

The FA Cup is one of the most important competitions in English football and will be for many years to come too. It possibly means something different to each and every club who takes part in it annually and that is potentially what helps it to retain the magic that it has had since the outset.

While it’s often the biggest and best sides who end up lifting the trophy come May, there’s no denying that the giant killings and seeing smaller clubs cause Premier League sides real problems is great viewing. Long may this continue and long may the magic of the Cup keep on inspiring teams in one of the best competitions around in world football.

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