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The Growing Popularity of EA Sports Tournaments and Events

EA Sports are a subdivision of Electronic Arts who are one of the biggest game developers and producers around.

They’ve been around since 1991 and the EA Sports division, as you can guess, makes the sports games for EA. Most people, gamers or not, will have heard of their biggest and most successful title, FIFA. Other games produced by EA sports are the likes of NBA Live, NHL, Madden, UFC and NASCAR. They’ve always developed the titles for multiple platforms and this has been one of the reasons for their success.

The people who play sports games tend to be fans of that sport in particular. Football is huge, not just in the UK but around the world, so you can certainly see why huge amounts of people are regular players of the FIFA series. This also applies to other sports titles too. What they all have in common these days is the online play, which for many people is the big reason for buying these sorts of games in the first place. Playing against the computer for some doesn’t satisfy their competitive nature, whereas playing online against other people does.

EA Sports Tournaments and Events

This has coincided beautifully with the eSports boom. eSports is competitive gaming that sees players go head to head in order to win cash prizes and to be declared the best player or team around. While not all titles are sports related you can certainly see why sports games are literally made for eSports. Most of EA’s sports titles are making their way in the eSports world with regular tournaments and events taking place. Madden and FIFA have been huge successes on this front though, with the latter the most popular. FIFA tournaments and events began a year ago and already they’ve been a huge success.

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EA Sports’ biggest events and tournaments currently revolve around the game mode known as Ultimate Team. This mode sees millions of people take part, playing online against other people around the globe. The best ultimately get rewarded in the game but the crème de la crème are flown to regional qualifiers, finals and championships to compete over the course of the year, to find the ultimate players. These events are so popular because everyone has something to aim for, they want to prove themselves on the main stage so to speak.

You can tell that events like this and other eSports tournaments are making it mainstream as sports betting companies such as Paddypower are now offering markets on them. It’s not just a flash in the pan thing or a one-off either, these sports betting companies are offering eSports betting markets to their customers on a regular basis, covering a wide variety of games. While EA Sports and their tournaments and events are pretty new, they’re growing in popularity rapidly and you can certainly see FIFA and Madden being the highlights.

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