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Is Neymar Really Worth 200m?

Neymar completed a world record transfer from Spanish giants Barcelona to money laden Paris Saint-Germain on Friday, for a fee in the region of 200 million pounds. The fee paid dwarfs the amount Manchester United shelled out for Paul Pogba last summer (£89m) by a long way and the question everyone wants to know the answer to is whether Neymar is worth £200m or not. Is any footballer worth that much?

There’s no doubting Neymar’s abilities as a footballer. Even from his early Santos days he looked the real deal. In 134 games for them he scored 70 and set up 35. So you can see why Barcelona were so keen to recruit the Brazilian. In fact, Barcelona pulled off a bit of a masterstroke off when signing Neymar, as the transfer fee paid was less than 20 million euros due to a court agreement.

Neymar signed for Barcelona and didn’t disappoint, scoring and assisting just as he had at Santos. Over the course of his Barcelona career he scored 105 goals and set up another 80, over the course of 186 games. He also formed a part of one of the most feared attacking set ups in the world, alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. His goal scoring and assist records speak for themselves but are they enough to warrant such a transfer fee?

Neymar will transform PSG, that’s a fact. He will give them another dimension. No disrespect to Ligue 1 but the standard of football isn’t as high as that in Spain and you’d expect Neymar to flourish.

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PSG have good players and the likes of Edinson Cavani should feel the benefit of having the Brazilian in their ranks. He’s quick, direct, skilful but most importantly he delivers the goods and any team in world football would welcome Neymar with open arms but £200m is simply too much to pay, surely?

You’d expect PSG to be the front runners in the Ligue 1 title race this season, especially after Monaco lost a few key men this summer. They could have spent less money on a winger though and still have given themselves a great shot at the crown though. You could say it would potentially worth buying Neymar if he helps establish them as a real force in Europe, namely the Champions League. The club’s stature and reputation would grow massively if they were successful in Europe and maybe that is one of the reasons for spending so much money on the player.

Neymar will go and out and continue to score goals and excel just as he did at Santos and just as he did at Barcelona. Many will view the transfer as ridiculous whether PSG are crowned Ligue 1 champions or not. The telling sign will be how they do on the European stage and that is where they could silence a few of their critics, but even with the addition of Neymar, it might not be enough.

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