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Can The Vikings Win Super Bowl 52?

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events on the planet and millions tune in every year around the world to watch.

February the 4th will see the 52nd Super Bowl take place, the 48th in the modern era of the NFL. It’s being held at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota with music superstars such as Pink and Justin Timberlake performing on the night. As things stand there are four teams in the running to appear at the event and the Minnesota Vikings are one of those in the mix.

The Vikings

First of all, one key point to remember is that if the Vikings do manage to secure their place at Super Bowl 52, they will have home field advantage. It would actually see history being made too as so far no team has ever played in the Super Bowl at their home stadium. This surely would see the Vikings have a huge advantage over any opponent if they are to make it to Super Bowl 52. In terms of people in the US Bank Stadium though it is always an equal split, so the advantage is really knowing the pitch and how it plays.

What the Vikings have managed to do this season is be extremely dominant defensively. They have shown that they have real ability defensively, both at home and away too, by being able to stop the opposition hurting them offensively. This has served them well throughout the season as it has given them a solid base and platform to work from to then give their offensive players a bit more freedom.

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You could describe the Vikings as having the best defence in the whole of the NFL and this has allowed them to become a more complete team. As things stand, there are the Vikings, New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles left in the conversation when it comes to advancing to Super Bowl LII and you’d have to say that the Vikings are indeed the stand outside in the mix. They’re also favourites with most bookmakers and pundits too and whether home field advantage has come into their thinking, so will the ability of the team too.

The Vikings will indeed be looking for key players such as Case Keenum to deliver on the night but they’ll also be relying on their solid defence playing a big role once again as it has done all season. If they can remain sturdy defensively, shutting down the opposition’s offence, they’ll no doubt run out as winners at Super Bowl 52 and doing so on home soil would be even better.

You can’t forget about the opponent and what they can bring to the table as they will have earned the right to be there too and will be more than capable of beating the Vikings on the night. The New England Patriots, fresh from their victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, will certainly be no push overs and the Vikings will have to be on their game in order to be declared Super Bowl champions on February 4th.

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