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Athletico Madrid v Villarreal – 28th October – 12:00

Mid-afternoon Saturday sees Villarreal travel to Madrid, to take on the formidable opponents Athletico Madrid; a side who, despite a fairly up and down last few months – have managed to come out on top a vast majority of the time – and a team whose fans back them relentlessly.

Now, while Athletico’s performance recently has been a little ‘shaky’, so to speak, they’ve managed to pull things back in their last few games, and a previously goal-less few games, has finally come to an end, with the Spaniards managing to score a whopping 9 goals in their last three matches alone.

Athletico Madrid v Villarreal

This is partly due to weak opposition – although it shouldn’t see credit taken away from the side, who, under intense management, have seen themselves undergo numerous changes – most notably the fact that their formation on the pitch has changed quite drastically.

Villarreal on the other hand have played a more consistent game of football recently – although it’s probably worth pointing out that their performance hasn’t been anywhere near as solid as Athletico. Indeed, Villarreal have filed to beat Athletico Madrid on their last three meetings (and the match prior to this ended in a 2-2 draw), so it’s clear that the visiting side will want to prove their worth, and score a win against – what many would consider one of the most component teams in the Spanish La Liga.

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Betting-wise, there doesn’t appear to be too much value for takings, with most money shifting towards the Athletico Madrid-to-win position; having said that, there actually appears to be some value in taking on a punt on the visiting team, as, with some bookies, you can find up to 3/1 for the win alone – and while, looking at form, you may think that’s a long-shot bet, it’s well-worth remembering that Villarreal are a more-than-capable side, who’s performance is generally pretty solid – so the 3/1 may be a welcomed priced, especially if you’re sticking them in a 5, or 6-fold acca.

Another bet we like the look of, is a draw-no-bet, as both sides have a history of drawing – and 4 of their last 10 matches together have indeed resulted in a draw – so going on past statistics, this could be a lucrative bet, at 2/1.

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