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Bayern Munich v RB Leipzig – 28th October 2017

Bayern Munich last met RB Leipzig on the 16th of December 2016, and Munich ended up smashing the home-team 3-0, in a win that went down in history with fans, as one of the more memorable performances. (If you’re curious as to why, then simply check out a few YouTube videos, and you’ll see for yourself!)

Now, Saturday’s match sees the two teams meeting once again, and by all accounts, it looks as though we’ll be seeing a similar performance – unless Leipzig can pull their ‘trump card’, and play a solid match.

Bayern Munich v RB Leipzig

While the official starting line-up hasn’t yet been released, Bayern look set to start their top scorers up front – and this means we’ll be seeing Xabi Alonso, Thiago, and Lewandowsky all making appearances, up front.

Now, this attacking trio will surely prove to be problematic for the visiting side – who, by all accounts, have a relatively poor defensive stance. They’ve actually let in the largest number of goals in the German Bundesliga this season, so far – so it doesn’t look good for Leipzig fans, so far.

One of their only hopes may be in the form of Forsberg, their most formidable player – and while he may struggle to get the ball past Bayern’s solid defensive line, he does have the skills and abilities to do so – but whether or not his team mates can help make that a reality or not, remains to be seen.

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Betting-wise, there really isn’t too much value around, with – as you can probably imagine – Bayern the clear favourites, both in the eyes of the fans, and bookies – prices on Bayern winning are pretty short.

One of the better-value bets appears to be some of the Asian Handicap markets – and given that Bayern typically manage to score at least two goals, every game – if you’re looking for a fairly ‘safe’ bet, the -2.0 Asian Handicap bet looks very appealing…

And if you can handle a little more risk – for added reward, of course – then Bayern Munich -3.0 Asian Handicap could be a very appealing bet, as it’s pretty likely that Bayern will come close to the 4 goals needed to make this bet a winner.

Whatever you decide to go for, betting wise, remember to enjoy the match itself – and while it should be an easy win for the home team, as is so often the case with football… you never know what’ll happen… so you’ll have to wait and see!

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