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PSG V Nice – 27th October 19:45 – Parc des Princes

PSG, a side known for their resilience, and professionalism, take on Nice this Friday, at Parc des Princes – and with Nice entering the game with a 4-match-loss form, it looks likely that the popular PSG side should be able to make easy work of the visitors…

Although it should be pointed out that PSG did drop their first point in Ligue 1 last weekend, when they were beaten by Marseille.

Indeed, the team – coached and trained by Unai Emergy – have been going full steam ahead for the majority of the last few months, and they’re currently – by a long shot – the top scorers in the French league, having scored a staggering 31 goals, in their last 10 games alone…

PSG V Nice - Parc des Princes

And if they can bring this level of performance to Friday’s game, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to slot multiple goals past Nice’s – rather shaky-looking defence.

Now, when looking at Nice, it’s easy to write them off… but perhaps we should hold back just for a moment, as, in their credit, their recent shocking run does appear to be a relatively rare occurrence… and while they’ve lost their last four games (with their last two meetings resulting in total thrashings), their performance before these four games was relatively impressive – and they ran a fantastic campaign during the 16/17 season.

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The big issue Nice are facing, is that – defensively – they’re just not on par with PSG, and with PSG more than happy to play a fast, attacking-based game, Nice will have to pull out all the stops to keep the home team at bay.

In fact, even a Nice goal would be a surprise at this point – and this is because some of their leading players are taking the bench (or are, at least, expected, to take the bench) in Friday’s upcoming game, and they’ve unfortunate been plagued by injury – so it’s very unlikely they’ll be able to bring anything too impressive to Friday’s match.

The home side should be able to cinch a fairly easy win here, and unfortunately, the bookies are in ready agreement – meaning there’s not too much value to be found, betting wise.

Perhaps the most appealing bet, looks to be PSG -2.0 Asian Handicap – but even then, you’re only going to get offered around evens – so you may be best off finding value at some of the weekend’s other fixtures.

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