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FIFA 19 Global Series: Xbox Playoffs Review

The finest Xbox One FIFA players on the planet all headed out to Hamburg this weekend to compete in the FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs.

For the 64 players competing, this represented the final chance for them to earn valuable Global Series Ranking Points, which ultimately determine whether a player will go on to qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup, or whether their dreams for this year are over.

Main Players

F2Tekkz entered the tournament as number one in terms of Global Series points, with second placed Msdossary trailing by a significant amount. F2Tekks, who has so far won an amazing seven titles this year, was the expert’s favourite to win the Xbox Playoffs, even though his rivalry with Rogue’s Msdossary has seen the latter victorious recently when facing off against each other.

FIFA 19 Global Series: Xbox Playoffs Review

Early Action

Day one of the action saw the likes of F2Tekks, Rogue Msdossary, Megabit and Faze Tass all make it through to the second day. They were joined by Hashtag boys Harry and Ryan, as well as former world champion Gorilla, and Dragon. With an unbelievable amount of talent all in the one place, the stakes continued to rise.

Knockout Stages

Moving into the knockout stages and quarter finals, there must be a special mention for Kurt, making his return to action. Kurt is renowned for playing some of the finest FIFA around, a player known for not abusing any of the game mechanics, and after beating both Megabit and Hensoo11, the long-awaited matchup between he and F2Tekks was made.

Semi Finals

Over the two legs, in what was arguably the most anticipated game of the whole FIFA season, F2Tekks managed to edge out Kurt 5-4 to make it to the semi-finals, where a tie against Rogue Nraseck awaited him. Nraseck had done brilliantly to knock out heavily fancied teammate Msdossary, with the other semi-final seeing NSE Vini come up against Rebel Stokes.

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The Final

Rebel Stokes and then F2Tekks made it through to the final, with the latter looking to secure his 8th title of the season. Tekkz entered the tournament as the favourite, and everyone believed he had enough about him to see off the challenge of Stokes. However, Rebel Stokes managed to pull off one of the upsets of the season by beating Tekkz 5-3 on aggregate in the final.

It Finally Happens For Stokes

Stokes’ victory saw him rise from 12th to 5th in the rankings, with this victory being the first major title win of his career so far. Speaking to Spencer Owen after his win, Stokes said, “I always knew I had a really good run in me this year, but its never really come together.” He went on to add, “To come together at such an important stage of the year is fantastic. If you beat the best in the world in the last game, that’s the biggest confidence boost you can possibly get before the FIFA eWorld Cup.”

FIFA eWorld Cup for Xbox

Now, all eyes do indeed turn to the FIFA eWorld Cup for Xbox players, with the following 16 having now secured their place: F2Tekks, Rogue Msdossary, PSG Daxe, Megabit, Rebel Stokes, Rebel Nraseck, Rebel Goalmachine, M10 Resende, Ajax Dani, SK Dullenmike, Marcus Gomes, INF Janoz, Faze Tass, Vitality Rafsou, Zidane 10 and Ebinho.

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