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The Top Earners In The World Of Darts

A record prize of £400,000 was on offer to the winner of the World Darts Championship this year, meaning it is the richest tournament within the sport. Darts has never historically been seen as a wealthy sport, however with its increase in popularity and increased competition over the years there is some real money on offer now to the best players. Which darts players have managed to earn the most though?

Peter Wright

Peter Wright is a Scottish darts player who reached 2nd in the world rankings in 2017 and was the PDPA player of the year in 2014. He first started competing in major darts events in 2005, taking part in the full schedule for the first time in 2008, earning just £1,200 in prize money that year. Since then though he has been the runner up in the World Darts Championship in 2014 and also achieved success in the UK open, been a runner up twice and winning it once in 2017. Wright has now earned more than £2 million in prize money.


Adrian Lewis

Adrian Lewis is a 2 time World Darts Championship winner, nicknamed Jackpot, due to winning $72,000 in Vegas when he was 20 years old, therefore too young to collect the winnings. During the early part of his career he was a protégé to Phil Taylor and practised regularly together with him in Stoke and showed his potential by winning the 2003 British Teenage Open. Since then he has seen a lot of success, mainly in the WDC and his earnings now stand at almost £3 million. 

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson is a Scottish darts player who has previously been ranked number one in both the British Darts Federation and the World Darts Federation and has won the World Darts Championship twice in 2016 and 2017. He is well known for his heavy scoring and smooth throws within the game. His earnings in the sport have now surpassed £3 million.

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Michael Van Gerwen

Van Gerwen’s earnings are now approaching £6 million, which immediately tells you just how successful his career has been to date. He is a Dutch darts player who is currently ranked number one in the world. He started his career at the age of 13 and had already thrown a televised nine dart finish before he was even 18 years old. He was the youngest World Championship winner at the age of 24 in 2014. He has dominated the game in recent years, winning 18 tournaments in 2015 and 25 in 2016!

Phil Taylor

Now retired Phil Taylor, legend of the game earned more than £7.5 million throughout his career. He was nicknamed ‘The Power’ and is regarded as the greatest darts player of all time, winning 216 professional tournaments, including the World Championships a massive 16 times. He also won the PDC player of the year 6 times and he was so well liked he was nominated for BBC’s Sports Personality of the year twice. He confirmed his retirement during the 2018 World Championship, where he was runner up to Rob Cross.

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