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Who Will be the Star of the 2019 Cricket World Cup?

There is certainly no ‘I’ in team, but it just takes one moment of magic to separate the winners and losers in elite sport. This may play out to be true in the 2019 Cricket World Cup which is set to start on the 30th of May.

The best cricketers in the world will take centre stage and battle it out to be crowned champions.

Picking a favourite has left bookmaker heads in a spin so we thought it’s best to dive deeper and look at the top individuals. We’ve considered those that can offer a moment or afternoon of sun-drenched brilliance that will make all the difference. Here are the players to watch out for…

Hardik Pandya (India)

India has been unarguably missing some big hitters in the middle of their order over the last twelve months. However, Hardik Pandya has stepped up and become that batsman they needed. Not only that, his bowling has come on leaps and bounds, making him a more rounded player for India. There is a strong argument that Pandya is not India’s best player, especially when sizing him up against the likes of wicket-taker Jasprit Bumrah and smasher Virat Kohli. It is the irreplaceability of him and his ability to have a storming afternoon that makes Pandya a pleasure to watch.

the Star of the 2019 Cricket World Cup?

Rashid Khan (Afghanistan)

The flagship performer of the Afghanistan team is Rashid Khan – and his statistics back that statement up. He has incredible bowling stats. In the last year, he has taken more wickets on average than any other bowler, rightfully earning him a place in the top three of the ICC one-day rankings. What makes him so indispensable to Afghanistan is not just his bowling prowess, but also his newfound talents with the bat. Recent stats suggest he is a competent lower-order batsman that will earn more than one run from each ball.

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Jos Buttler (England)

Jos Buttler of England will be a favourite among punters to become the player of the tournament due to his middle-order explosiveness. He has been racking up the runs in this position over the last twelve months. In fact, he is scoring around 1.5 runs off every ball – but that’s not all. These recent statistics and not a one-off fluke. The man has been maintaining scores around this figure for years, matching skill with robust consistency. Oh, and let’s not forget that Jos Buttler is also a wicketkeeper and brings even more to the England arsenal.

Who Will Take The Trophy?

These are just four of the favorites to take the tournament by storm. Other players to keep an eye peeled for include Glen Maxwell of Australia and Shakib Al Hasan representing Bangladesh. Do you agree or want to throw another name into the hat? Either way, this may just be one of the most competitive world cups ever played.

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