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Zion Woes & Duke Misery

Last Wednesday night the game between the top-ranked Blue Devils and North Carolina Tar Heels started and ended in despair. Both Zion Williamson and Duke took a huge blow when Zion got injured which led to Duke losing the game.

This has raised awareness around just how big a part Zion really is to the Duke team. The game itself between Duke and UNC was extremely hyped up with the likes of former US President Barack Obama in attendance proving just how big this game really was. It was the 249th meeting between the two but it never went quite as planned.

Zion Injury

Just 34 seconds into the game Zion could be seen rolling on the floor in pain holding his knee. Without a doubt college basketball’s brightest prospect suffered a supposed knee sprain and wasn’t able to return to the game. The injury occurred while Zion was dribbling and being defended by Tar Heels forward Luke Maye, Zion appeared to lose his footing and fell to the floor. While on the floor it could be seen that the Nike shoe he was wearing had torn and his foot had gone straight through it. Even Obama was surprised and was seen saying “his shoe broke.”

Duke's Zion Injury

The mere sight of Zion on the floor sent massive shock waves throughout the basketball world. Many have feared that he may have suffered a long term injury but it’s been reported that it is not as bad as everyone feared. Zion is tipped to be the number 1 draft pick into the NBA but could this affect his chances. Nike could fear that they could be hit with a law suit due to the shoe breaking and causing the injury to Zion.  If his injury proves to be long term or permanent, he could sue Nike and state that the Nike had manufactured a defective sneaker.

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Duke vs UNC

The much anticipated game had a lot of hype surrounding it. To prove just how much this was a college game and the cheapest ticket was $2500 while the cheapest ticket for an NBA game between the Knicks and Cavs went for just $2. Zion leaving the game basically all but decided Duke’s fate in the game, as soon as the star walked off the game turned in favour of North Carolina.

It was clear that Duke were not the same team without Zion and were struggling. RJ Barret and Cam Reddish who are other huge names that Duke possess had to carry the team scoring 33 points and 27 points respectively but it was not enough as they still lost 88-72. The rest of the Blue Devils team only managed 12 points which shows that they struggle for depth. Zion’s ability to affect the game on both ends of the court is going to be greatly missed if he is in fact out for a while. 

Whether Duke are going to be able to cope without Zion remains to be soon but the young star is hoping to come back stronger and has received a tremendous amount of support from many big names, most noticeably Lebron James. We all hope to see Zion back on the court soon so he can continue to do what he does best and hopefully boost his chances of entering the NBA even greater.

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