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Who Is Really the Best: Jordon or James

For a long time, Michael Jordan has been seen as the greatest basketball player of all time, but that was until the likes of LeBron James entered the frame.

Since the debut of LeBron James he has since become known as King James which has sparked debates about whether he is better than the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) Michael Jordan. Often to determine who is the greatest we look at statistics and championships. But that’s not that easy between these two because some fields favour one more than the other and vice versa. Let’s look at personal achievements and statistics to try and separate them and to help you decide.


After playing three seasons of college basketball before being drafted into the NBA where Jordan played 15 seasons is considered the better player because he has played in six NBA Finals and has won 6 Championships. Along with winning those 6 championships Jordan has achieved 6 Finals MVP awards. James who was drafted straight out of high school is now into his 16th season in the NBA and has played in eight NBA finals but has only won it three times and has achieved only 3 Finals MVP awards, therefore Jordan definitely edges LeBron when it comes to Championships won but there has been a huge debate about the fact that Jordan has played alongside better players while LeBron has had to carry his teams.

Michael Jordan & LeBron James - Who Is The Best

Regular Season Stats

When it comes to overall points Jordan has 32,292 points which he edges LeBron in who currently has 31,775 points but is still active, so who knows he may surpass Jordan in points. In total rebounds LeBron has 8,614 which is more than Jordan who only has 6,672 rebounds. With total assists LeBron leads the way with 8,387 assists while Jordan has 5,633. Jordan has a lot more steals than LeBron having stolen the ball 2,514 times compared to LeBron’s 1,900 steals. LeBron has played a total of 1,169 games and counting of which he has 909 blocks compared to Jordan who played 1,072 games and has 893 blocks. LeBron still has plenty of time to increase his stats, there seems to be no sign of him slowing down because he seems to be carrying the Lakers this season and is averaging quite high stats.

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LeBron vs Jordan

LeBron has the edge over Jordan in all NBA nods but Jordan is clearly the better defensive player because he has all stats pointing to him in defensive selections and MVP awards. LeBron played his 1,072 game recently and at this point in Jordan’s career he was 7 years older which means LeBron has a lot of time to make up the stats defensively.


It is clear that head to head these two cannot be separated, they better one another on many different stats. Based on the stats it is all about who you think would be a bigger asset to your team, but the older generations prefer Jordan while the younger generation prefer LeBron. I think the debate should rather be spoken about after LeBron retires because who knows what he could still achieve. But for right now I think we should all just be grateful that we’ve been able to witness their greatness.

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