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Warriors Prevail In Game Two

The Golden State Warriors and defending champions stuttered in Game One of the NBA Championship Final. Leading up to game two they were low on confidence.

But this only seemed to make them stronger and it did as they showed why they are champions in Game Two.

Amazing Fight Back

Thus far everything has gone the way of the Raptors, they won Game One while suffering no injuries to key players. The same cannot be same for the Warriors who had lost and have had to play without Demarcus Cousins and Kevin Durant. Those woes continued in game two as Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney suffered injuries as well. The only positive was the return to the starting line up for Cousins but the odds were still stacked  against the Warriors until they rallied back in impressive fashion.

Warriors Back To Winning Ways In Game Two

The Third Quarter

They started the game disappointingly, especially Steph Curry who missed his first six shots. The Raptors were in full control and we looking like they could take game two. That was until the third quarter where they went on an 18-0 run and held that lead until the end. They claimed a 109-104 victory and this was incredibly their 23rd road win in a Playoff series. The game still looked to have a dramatic end until Andre Iguodala sunk a stone cold three pointer with just 5.9 seconds left on the clock. 

Raptors Disappointing Display

The third quarter proved the decisive quarter for the Raptors who were shocking. They often gone on scoring slumps throughout the Playoffs but none quite as bad as this. The Scotiabank Bank was left stunned as they only shot 7-22 from the field and 2-9 from three point range in the quarter and were out scored 34-21.

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Leonard Couldn’t Do It On His Own

Pascal Siakam who was the biggest difference in game one was no where to be seen. He only managed to score 12 points and took 18 shots. Marc Gasol and Danny Green were also a let down after only combining for 14 points. As usual their most effective player was Kawhi Leonard, he yet again scored 34 points and 14 rebounds. But even he couldn’t pull the Raptors out of their third quarter slump. Fred VanVleet was has been rather surprising this Playoffs with his performances contributed a bit with 17 points. 

Klay Came To Play

Klay Thompson showed why his one of the splash brothers and balled out with 25 points. He helped the Warriors win with his efficient shooting, he shot 4 of 6 from three point range. But it wasn’t just his shooting ability but also his defensive game. He managed to lock up the unstoppable Leonard which was key to the Warriors win. Although Curry was cold at the beginning he still provided 23 points which is impressive since this was a bad game for him. Playoff Draymond Green was at it again almost securing another triple double. He narrowly missed out scoring 17, getting 9 assists and 10 rebounds. 

Game Three

Game three will take place on Thursday and if it’s sure to be an exciting one. The Warriors will have to show heart once again as they might miss Thompson due to his slight hamstring injury. The Warriors will have home ground advantage for game 3 and 4 and will have to make the most of it.

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