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US Shock Exit From FIBA World Cup

We never thought that the US men’s basketball team could ever lose, especially since they have an incredible streak of winning. But unfortunately they did and it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

The US team had many players missing but with the quality they possess what we witnessed was astonishing.

US Are French Toast

The US men’s basketball team are seemingly impossible to beat but France proved it was possible and at the worst possible time for the US. This was their first loss in a global tournament in 13 years as they lost 89-79 in the FIBA World Cup quarter-finals.

The French Turned Up

The US was hoping to achieve the first ever three-peat but they fell short. Many have blamed it on the fact that many of the biggest names in the NBA had pulled out of the team but that’s a poor excuse. The US possesses the best basketball players in the world and have many players with the calibre to beat any team even if it’s their fourth or fifth team. France was led by NBA star centre Rudy Gobert, Nande de Colo and Frank Ntilikina. Gobert and Ntilikina specifically showed their worth and why they are playing in the NBA.

France Defeat USA

Argentina Go Through

Many players were to blame on the US team but Donovan Mitchell was not one of those. He scored 29 and was shooting better than fifty per cent. Kemba Walker, in particular, has been really disappointing throughout the tournament which is shocking since he came off a brilliant season for the Charlotte Hornets. Walker was shocking against France, only shooting 2-9 shooting and conceding four turnovers. Gobert went off by scoring 21 points and 16 rebounds. France went on to meet Argentina last night but suffered a heavy defeat which has also left many questions surrounding the USA performance against the French. 

US Disappoint Again

In a rematch of the Rio Olympics Final Serbia played the US in a consolation game. Serbia defeated the US 94-89 which wasn’t all that surprising after another poor display by the US. The opening quarter was a clear indication of this due to Serbia leading the game 32-7. Serbia has advanced to the fifth-placed game while the US is going to play for the lowest ever ranking at the tournament of seventh-placed.

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To Be Remembered For All The Wrong Reasons

Team USA has earned medals at all 18 Olympics that they’ve entered which saw they win 15 gold medals. At World Cups, the US have earned medals all but three times. This is another occasion where they have failed to achieve a medal. Their worst finish before this was in 2002 where they placed sixth. The US is so used to winning that when they lose it seems like a disaster and they are harshly judged for it. Had they won the tournament they wouldn’t get much recognition because it’s expected but since they’ve lost it will be remembered for a long time. 

A New Dawn

Whoever wins the FIBA World Cup is a worthy winner with all teams remaining having played beautiful basketball. Argentina looks like the favourites after beating France and it’s time to crown new champions. 

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