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Raptors One Win Away From History

The Toronto Raptors achieved nearly the impossible in game four of the NBA Finals and that was by beating the Golden State Warriors twice at home.

Despite this being their first finals in their franchise’s history they showed nerves of steel thus far. This might have been the last time the Warriors played at the Oracle arena but this is the least of their worries since they’re on the brink of losing their title.

Can Raptors Make History?

The Raptors moved to within one game of winning their first NBA title when they beat the Warriors 105-92 and in the process took a 3-1 lead in the series. Coming into game four the Warriors knew what was at stake, losing the game and going behind 3-1 has only been overturned once in 34 finals. The only exception was when LeBron James made the turn around against the Warriors in 2016. Now the Warriors are in the same seat and need to pull of a comeback like the Cavaliers.

Can The Raptors Win The NBA Finals

Raptors Shine

One would’ve thought that the Warriors would have done better than they did in Game Four because of the returns of Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney. But that was not the case, the Raptors pulled away in the third quarter going on a 37-21 run which all but secured the game. They showed intense defense from the get go by hitting clutch three pointers and locking up Steph Curry. He did put up a game high 34 points but once again he lacked any supportive role around him.

Durant Needed

Only two other players scored double figures, that being Thompson and Draymond Green. Their big miss is obviously Kevin Durant who has pulled them out of a scoring slump multiple times this playoffs. Of course he hasn’t been around to bail them out but he has been cleared to train and might make a surprising return for Game Five.

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Kawhi Me A River

Time and time again Kawhi Leonard has been proving why he should be getting the Playoffs MVP award and he underlined that in the third quarter of game four. He scored 36 points and got a game high 12 rebounds in the game and continued his average points per game of 30 plus. He scored 17 of his 36 points in the third quarter by letting loose and just playing to his strengths. Leonard had to carry his team throughout the game, it showed from the first quarter where he scored 14 of the Raptors 17 points. The rest of the team were a shocking 1-13 from the field in the first 12 minutes. The only other player that had a respectable game was Serge Ibaka who scored 20 points who shot an efficient 9 from 12. 

History In The Making

The Raptors are on  the brink of history and if they continue to show these nerves of steel they can win it all. With Leonard’s form it’s also quite impossible to see that not happening. The only person at this point that could stop the Raptors is Durant but who’s to say if he will return to form after this lengthy injury.

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