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Possibilities Before Playoffs

While there are some possibilities all but decides, there are some outcomes that could go down to the wire come the end of the regular season. There are things such as /the MVP and the top seeds in each conference that needs to be decided.

The rookies for the 2018/19 season also need to be decided with some of them shining incredibly bright. As of Sunday, there might be just one month left until playoffs begin but so much could happen.

Lebron’s Fate

Lebron James and the Lakers are set to miss the playoffs, there might still be a chance mathematically but if we’re being realistic its going to take a miracle. Lebron’s playoff mode is deactivated and will have to look to next season. The Lakers will have to look to make some big trades next season if they hope to keep Lebron. He is nearing the end of his career and if he wants to win another ring he’ll have to look at other teams to do so.

James Harden favourite to win the MVP award

Harden Going Back To Back?

James Harden has been in tremendous form this season and looks like one of the favourites to win the MVP award back to back. He would be the first consecutive MVP since Steph Curry who did it two years ago. Harden is averaging 36.3 points but that doesn’t guarantee him the award as the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo is carrying the Bucks. He has been a monster this season as the Bucks are currently the number one seed in the eastern conference. Only five players have averaged 37 points in a season and have won the award. However, if the Rockets can manage to go far into the playoffs Harden will be sure to take the award.

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Top Seed In The East & West

Both the Western and Eastern Conference number one seed is still not secured. The West is a close contest with the Nuggets just 1.5 games behind the Golden State. The East is just as hard to predict with Toronto just two games behind the Bucks and they have the second easiest games remaining. As we all know the West is still the more competitive conference but let’s not write off the East, they are producing great quality this season.

The Warriors haven’t looked like the all-star team they are since losing to the Suns. Steve Kerr has been critical of the team as of late and has said that the team should be playing championship basketball which is the opposite of what they’ve been producing. The players don’t seem to be getting along which leaves us to question whether they can play as a team and build onto their dynasty. 

With the post-season quickly approaching all teams need to fix their problems quickly, the post-season can be an unforgiving place. Instead of fixing teams it shows cracks and only worsens them. There are many teams who look like they could go all the way, we’ll leave it up to the playoffs to decide who’s the most deserving.

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