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More NBA Trade Madness

The off-season for the NBA has been extremely busy and a rather shocking one. There have had been trades and free agent players that have made moves which have changed the entire NBA.

Every team looks like an even match with most teams consisting of a dynamic duo.

Rockets Score Russ

On what was supposed to be a quiet Thursday night turned into another ridiculous night in the NBA. As 2017 MVP Russell Westbrook surprised us all when he was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Houston Rockets. The move means that he will reunite with former teammate and 2018 MVP Harden. Together they have now formed the latest super team in the NBA the move also means that they have two players who have won two of the last three MVP awards. The pair are also the highest point scorers in the league over the last five years with Harden scoring 11,958 points and Westbrook scoring 10,052. They were teammates for three seasons at OKC, the last season being in 2011-12 season where they led their team to the NBA Finals alongside Kevin Durant.

More NBA Trade Madness

What This Means

The trade of Westbrook has meant that veteran Chris Paul goes the other way to the Thunder, but that’s not all OKC received for the face of their franchise. They also gained first round picks in 2024 and 2026 along with the right to swap first-rounders in two other seasons. OKC have been in repair mode since the mind blowing news of Paul George choosing to move to the Los Angeles Clippers to join Kawhi Leonard. It’s hard to tell who the real winners are in this trade considering that the OKC got a lot out of it and Paul who’s not that bad. Although there has been speculation that OKC will trade Paul and that he will not even get to put on their jersey. 

Irving & Durant Move To Brooklyn

Kyrie Irving has made a massive move to the Brooklyn Nets and his brought someone major with him in the form of Kevin Durant. The pair will became the most lethal partnership in the NBA once Durant returns from his injury. Irving has received a $141 million over four years and Durant will receive $164 million over four years as well. The Brooklyn Nets have achieved the impossible by singing these two.

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Warriors Update

Durant’s move wasn’t that surprising considering the way he was treated while at the Warriors, he supposedly also blames them for his injury getting worse. The Warriors didn’t totally lose out, they’ve acquired the services of D’Angelo Russell, Shabazz Napier and Treveon Graham. The Nets received a protected first round pick in the 2020 NBA draft but a massive downfall for them is that Durant’s contract is the biggest in their history and they’ll have to pay $400 million in salary through 2023. 

DeAndre Jordan

Since Irving made the move the Nets have also made move by bringing in big man DeAndre Jordan. Irving has spent the last two seasons with the Celtics but his relationship with the franchise had quickly deteriorated. Brooklyn is his home town and it appears that he hopes to make the Nets a powerhouse side that can compete for the championship. The 27 year old is coming off one of his best seasons with him averaging 23.8 points, career high 5 rebounds, career high 6.9 assists and career high steals of 1.5 67 appearances. 

NBA Has Never Been So Competitive

The NBA is going to be extremely hard to predict now with so many sides looking strong and consisting of duo’s that could change any game.

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