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Lakers continue to struggle

As we all know the Los Angeles Lakers once were a force to be reckoned with but in recent years they have been a shadow of what they once were. They have found it hard to find superstars which has been their biggest issue.

But for the current season that had changed as they attracted the king Lebron James. Since the start of the season they looked good as Lebron seemed to lift the spirits of the rest of the team but since his injury the Lakers have been struggling for form, proving just how instrumental Lebron is to the team.

Lakers vs 76ers

On Tuesday night the Lakers hosted the Philadelphia 76ers in a much-anticipated game. Although the Lakers are in danger of not making the playoffs they still decided to play a reserve squad. Some might say they were testing the team to determine the perfect starting line-up. The reserves never did badly and went on a few runs, but they never managed to close the gap as the 76ers kept pulling away. Brandon Ingram arguably the best game of his career notching up a career-high 36 points and was shot an incredible 16 from 20 shots. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons steered the 76ers to victory. Embiid scored 28 points and racking up 11 rebounds while rookie of the year Simmons managed to score 19 points and got 6 assists. After defeating the Lakers the 76ers extended their record to 33-18 and are now currently occupying fourth spot in the Eastern Conference making them one of the favourites to make the playoffs. 

Lakers struggle against 76ers

Lakers Woes

The Lakers form has currently been poor to say the least. Since Lebron got injured the have dropped to 26-25 record. The only upside right now is that Lebron might return soon since his injury suffered around Christmas day. The Lakers have lost four of their last five games which clear shows that they are struggling at the moment. The Lakers have a relatively young team with young superstars in the making such as Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart. But they are still finding their feet in the NBA and along with the rest of the roster they also can’t seem to cope without Lebron.

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Is Davis The Key?

New Orleans superstar center Anthony Davis has been tipped to want to join Lebron in Los Angeles in the last couple of days. He is an incredible player that could turn the Lakers entire season around. He is not just any center, but he is always quite an impact player offensively, he is extremely versatile. Although, should the Lakers trade for Davis they would have to give up their nearly their entire young core. Players like Ball, Ingram and Kuzma are almost certain to have to make the move the other way. 

The Lakers have the team and time to turn their season around especially with Lebron still there. But if they want to they are going to have to go on an unbelievable winning run. If they acquire the likes of Davis, they will once again be a force to be reckoned with. Some might say that they then would even stand a chance at winning the championship. All we know for sure is to not write them off because anything could happen.

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