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LA Becomes Home To Biggest NBA Stars

Since the finals of the NBA season there have been crazy rumours spreading. Particularly surrounding players who were free agents. Big moves were threatened to be made and that’s exactly what happened.

Such huge trades were made that the way we look at the NBA now has completely changed.

Are The Clippers Title Contenders Now?

We would certainly say that the Los Angeles Clippers are going to be strong favorites to win the NBA championship or at least go all the way, but why? In two epic deals they have managed to acquire one, the man who just won the Toronto Raptors their first title Kawhi Leonard and then there’s Paul George who was in the top three to win the MVP award last season. The Clippers have agreed to sign Kawhi on a four year, $142 million max contract and then further rocked the basketball world by convincing Paul George to leave Oklahoma City Thunder and join Kawhi in LA.

LA Becomes Home To Biggest NBA Stars

What Does It All Mean For The Raptors & OKC

These moves had major affects on both the Raptors and OKC. The Raptors are now without the one player who changed their entire franchise as Leonard led them to their first ever championship. For OKC it means that now Russell Westbrook is once again left to do everything because George and himself were the predominant point scorers in the side. Although OKC never got that bad of a deal considering that they did get Danilo Gallinari, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, five first-round picks and multiple pick swaps.

The Perfect Five

Clippers coach Doc Rivers now has an extremely strong and well rounded starting five who can all score, defend and make plays. The Clippers starting lineup looks likely to be Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, George, Leonard and Montrezl Harrell. That’s the type of lineup that even the Golden State Warriors should fear. The Clippers already looked like a strong side last season having taken the Warriors to a game six in the playoffs but now with adding George and Leonard they are only stronger so who knows how far they could go.

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Showtime Lakers Back?

After a rather disappointing season for the Lakers and LeBron James, they have looked to improve their team drastically. Which they have done indeed with the trade of Anthony Davis and in return the New Orleans Pelicans received Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart. Some might have feared that the Lakers were short on depth after the Davis trade but they’ve made other big moves. The Lakers have managed to acquire DeMarcus Cousins, Danny Green and Rajon Rondo for another year. The side has begun to look a lot like the Pelicans of the 2017-18 season just with LeBron in the mix.

Lakers Look Set To Deliver

Nonetheless they are looking incredibly strong, their starting five looks likely to be LeBron, Green, Kyle Kuzma, Davis and Cousins. LeBron has also made some changes himself having gifted his number 23 jersey to Davis and is going back to his number 6 jersey. He has also taken up a new position as he looks to play as a point guard next season which should be very interesting.

Thrilling NBA Action To Come

The Clippers have always been seen as the lesser franchise when compared to the Lakers but in the new season that could all change. With their two massive signings they have a chance to step out of their shadow, but it also won’t be easy considering the massive trades that the Lakers made themselves. 

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