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Celtics Performance Poor And The Bucks Advance

In what many thought would be a white wash of a series by the Boston Celtics after game one it was quite the opposite. The Milwaukee Bucks dominated the series since Game Two and never looked back.

Game Five for the Celtics was a do or die game that they all but threw away. The Bucks ended up barely being contested throughout the series in what was a poor showing by the Celtics.

Bucks Prove Too Much For Celtics

The Bucks came into the series with the best record from the regular season and were to put up a tough challenge for the Celtics. But after being outplayed after Game 1 the Bucks were assured to be beaten. But they turned it around quickly with the front runner for MVP Giannis Antetokounpo showing some dominant performances. The Bucks ended the Celtics season in Game 5 on Wednesday night with a 116-91 victory. This means that this will be their first conference finals since 2001. Game 5 was another rough one for the Celtics having only converted 31.5 percent of their field-goals. 

Antetokounpo Factor

The likely MVP Greek Freak Antetokounpo ended the series final game with 20 points, eight rebounds and eight assists. Teams don’t seem to know how to stop him and with his figures this season it doesn’t seem like any team can. With every game combined he amassed 65 points but he never did it alone. Two players who stood out alongside him were the likes of Khris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe who have been a thorn in the Celtics side all series. Middleton ended game 5 with 19 points and eight rebounds, while Bledsoe finished with 18 points. 

Celtics vs Bucks

The Bucks will now await the winner of the series between the Philadelphia Sixers and Toronto Raptors which unlike this series is proving to be an extremely tough one. They will be playing Game 6 on Thursday night with the Raptors leading the series 3-2. 

Kyrie Not So Clutch

The Celtics have had an up and down season with many of their star players not living up to their potential. The biggest star of them all that hasn’t performed was Kyrie Irving, the All-Star had a miserable season. Irving has one of the highest points per game averages in playoffs of 31.2 just behind Michael Jordan and Lebron James. But it was clear since Game 2 that the Celtics offence was inefficient which meant that Irving took more shots than he felt he needed to. But the more shots he took meant the worse his stats looked, his final numbers ended up being appalling. By halftime in just Game 5, the player already had 5 for 17 FG percentage. If we look at the series as a whole, he only converted 25 of 85 field goal attempts and from three point range it’s even worse only converting 7 of 32.

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Irving Future Uncertain

The Celtics face more issues besides being eliminated, the all-star Irving is a free agent and they await his decision in the off season. The terrible performances he displayed in this series might be the last that Celtics fans may have seen of him. There is sure to be a lot of speculation surrounding his choice in the summer and hopefully he can get back to performing if he decides to stay in Boston. 

The Unstoppable Bucks

The Bucks are going to prove a pretty hard team to beat as they’ve shown all season. They look likely to go straight to the Championship final and with Antetokounpo they could go all the way. For the Celtics its back to the drawing board and a chance to see where it all went wrong. Unlike the Bucks they don’t seem to be a real team with the team lacking chemistry. They will certainly need to make a lot of changes before next season.

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