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All Star Weekend Success or All Time Failure? 

The 2019 NBA All-Star weekend has come and gone in a flash, but was it one for the books? Much happened of course because of the various events but many have been left disappointed with some events not living up to the hype.

The general opinion that’s been surrounding the weekend was mainly the discontent with the dunk contest. The 3-point contest wasn’t anything to write home about either as many expected some stars to do better than they did but a first time competitor ended up being the star. The only game that never disappointed was the game between Team Lebron and Team Giannis.

Boring 3-Point Contest

Many people were looking forward to the 3-point contest and with the line-ups who could blame them. From the rivalry between the curry brothers to Dirk Nowitzki competing in his final 3-point contest. Stars like Kemba Walker and Damian Lillard failed to live up to the hype and were rather disappointing. The most surprising conclusion of the night was the shooting clinic put on by debutant Joe Harris. The Brooklyn Nets star managed to beat out the likes of Steph Curry in the end. He might have been the least known player but he made sure that wasn’t the case by the end of the contest.

Harris showed nerves of steel by going first in two rounds and set high numbers especially in the first where he notched up a score of 25. He seemed quite nervous as Steph heated up already in the first round where he shot 10 in a row and got a score of 27, although in the third and final round he fell short and gave Harris the victory. What seems likely to be the legend Dirk Nowitzki’s final season and final 3-point contest, he went out with a bang. After starting off with an air ball he ended on a high by getting a score of 17.

NBA All-Star Weekend 2019

Slam-Dunk Contest Wasn’t A Slam-Dunk

For many years the dunk-contest has brought us fascinating, memorable and creative dunks but that was not the case this year. It appeared that many were half asleep during the contest, especially as rookie and favourite Dennis Smith Jr failed to live up to the hype. He was quite disappointing considering dunks that we’ve seen from him before. The dunk contest has always entertained many with incredible displays, most recently being the battle between Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon who blew everyone’s mind dunk after dunk.

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The only memorable highlight of this year’s dunk contest would be Hamidou Diallo’s dunk over Shaquille O’Neal. If you thought the renowned Honey Dip dunk by Vince Carter was amazing, then Diallo’s Honey Dip Dunk over Shaq would’ve absolutely blown you away. After dunking and having his elbow still in the rim he opened his jersey to unveil a Superman Logo which is quite a fair comparison considering what he did. That dunk all but sealed the victory as Diallo became the 2019 Dunk-contest champion. 

All-Star Game

Many were rather left stunned rather than disappointed as the NBA’s best superstars put on a spectacular performance. The game started as one that seems like it would be a blow out when Team Lebron were behind 20 points in the second half but then came the likes of Lillard, Durant and Leonard who went off. They brought their team back, Lillard put on a freakish shooting display where he pulled up 3’s from nearly half court.

Leonard hit a few 3’s in a room which basically turned the game into a 3-point contest. Durant had a great night scoring 31 points and picked up the MVP award which he also won in 2012. The other team captain Giannis is definitely known as the Greek Freak for a reason as he pulled off some dunks where the ball appeared to drop from the sky. 

Whether All-Star weekend was a success is solely based on fans personal opinions as some events may have disappointed but others might have made up for them. One thing is for sure, All-Star weekend is not what it once was but is still quite entertaining.

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