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Is Henry Cejudo One of MMA’s Greats?

MMA and other combat sports are some of the most difficult to forever cement your name in their halls of fame. People quickly remember a single defeat or a knockout more often than a string of powerful and undefeated showdowns.

Henry Cejudo is one fighter that does deserve his name in lights forever. It may leave those that are educated on his background and what he has overcome in dismay to even question if he is one of the all-time greats. Even the man himself believes it, who has named himself the greatest combat athlete to ever walk the earth. To give you that insight, read on to unearth the phenomenal fighting and personal career of Henry Cejudo.

A Man Who Always Overcomes Adversity

Overcoming adversity is what Cejudo does best in his professional fighting life as well as his personal life. He was born to Mexican illegal immigrants and beat the odds to become an Olympic fighter. In his Olympics, he was behind in every match but turned them all around to take home the gold medal. He has always been classed as an underdog, including last August against Demetrious Johnson, against Dillashaw who was knocked out in a heartbeat and more recently in his face-off with Moraes. He looked done for against the latter, especially after fighting with a recovering sprained ankle but somehow knocked him out too. If you think Cejudo is not a man who overcomes adversity in the heat of the moment, you are ignorant about the size of the man’s heart and character or do not know about his career. Cejudo the man and Cejudo the athlete are equally impressive.

Is Henry Cejudo One of MMA's Greats?

So, Is He A MMA Great?

So, does the man who claims to be the best of all time have a case? The answer is he probably does deserve to be heard when discussing such lofty accolades. There is no other fighter that can say they have reached the pinnacle of two combat sports in an array of weight divisions.

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Yet, there are other personalities in the sport that have somewhat scoffed at the idea as him being the best ever, although they may not argue that he is one of the greats. Dana White has shrugged off the idea and suggested alternative fighters to hold this title such as Amanda Nunes and Khabib Nurmagomedov. These fighters may challenge his MMA record individually, but they cannot boast such mastery of two different combat disciplines – something Muhammed Ali cannot claim either.

What Next For Cejudo?

Time can give us the answer to the question posed here. Cejudo is not slowing down and already planning to defend both of his current titles. He has already declared a willingness to fight Dominick Cruz and even suggested bulking up to fight featherweight machine, Max Holloway. If you do not think this is possible you have chosen to blank out his recent victory and the reality that Cejudo only needs a split second to take the win, even after relentless pressure.

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