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Can McGregor “The Fighter” triumph over the boxing of Mayweather?

One of the biggest fights of all time takes place on the 26th August, with Conor Anthony McGregor making his boxing debut, against – what many would coin – the greatest boxer of his generation; Floyd Mayweather.

While, at first sight, you’d be forgiven for laughing-off the idea that McGregor – a man with no professional boxing experience – could walk out of the ring a winner and enjoy the biggest payday in history. In spite of the fact that all online sports betting operators have Mayweather as the overwhelming favourite; all one has to do to understand why the McGregor camp is so optimistic about a win is to consider a few factors.

McGregor fight Mayweather

First off, there’s the age; Floyd Mayweather isn’t the youngest in the world, anymore, and having turned 40 in February of 2017, he’s got a fair-few years on McGregor. Still, a quick look at Mayweather’s form, shows his age hasn’t got in his way, and he continues to sport one of the most athletic and versatile figures seen within the sporting world, today.

Another thing that could work in McGregor’s favour, is the fact that he, essentially, has nothing to lose. While he’s done a good job of hyping himself up (telling fans, and indeed a worldwide TV audience that ‘there’s no chance this f****r can beat me), whatever the result, he emerges a winner.

If he wins – well, then he’ll forever be known as the man who took on the world’s best – and won – despite not having a single match under his belt, experience wise…

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And if the Irishman ends up losing, he can quite easily play the ‘well of course I wouldn’t have won, I’m not a boxer’ card. And that’s ignoring the fact that the amount of money both athletes will earn – regardless of whether they win or lose – would be enough to have them living like Kings for the rest of the lives (many times over).

In fact, many have speculated that this is the reason both are so keen to come together – and they’ll earn, between them, hundreds of millions of pounds, for what essentially, could be a 30-second match.

Still, despite McGregor possessing some clear advantages (or at least in his, and his corners minds), the safe-bet still looks to be Mayweather, who admittedly has a lot more to lose than McGregor.

In fact, if Mayweather loses, it could shatter his reputation as one of the world’s best – and to be defeated by someone who’s never boxed a professional match in his life, would be a crippling blow, both to his ego, and his career.

And then there’s Mayweather’s’ genius-like approach to boxing. Whether it’s his defensive footwork, or his offensive jabs, Mayweather comes to the match with a LOT more experience, and while McGregor has the MMA and street-fighting experience to put on a strong front, it’s worth remembering that boxing is, at its core, all about technique – and this is what the judges will be looking for, more than anything else.

So; while we’d all love to think McGregor could make history, and shatter the reputation of the world’s best – it looks incredibly unlikely, and for the most part, bookies appear to agree, with Mayweather the clear odds-on favourite, for the match.

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