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Super Bowl or Super Boring? 

On Sunday the New England Patriots became Super Bowl champions for the sixth time. The Patriots have played in eight Super Bowl finals since 2001 and each season was a memorable, so this year fans would be definitely looking forward to the game. However, this year, the 13-3 win over the Rams was the least entertaining.

The NFL’s greatest coach and quarter back, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady extended their legacies which not many would’ve predicted 17 years ago. Together they have won six Super Bowls and on Sunday did it against the Rams who they had won their first against. This was the Patriots third consecutive appearance in the Super Bowl and second victory.

This was only the second time that Brady had not won the MVP honours with Julian Edelman getting the award after a 141-yard performance. Edelman was without a doubt the stand out player in a team that has had defensive struggles. He is extremely underrated and with reason after being the 232nd draft in the 2009 draft. But he has proved many critics wrong with some outstanding performances. Its been 17 years that have gone by since the first Super Bowl between the Rams and Patriots and this year the game played out in a similar fashion.

The Patriots Win Super Bowl 2019

When they met the first time the Patriots displayed an unbelievable defence against an offence that was practically unstoppable at the time. Brady wasn’t forced to create a two-minute drill in the last few seconds but years later after keeping Mike Martz, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt to 17 points which is 14.4 points less than their regular season record. The Patriots managed to put on an even better defensive display this time around by holding the likes of Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods to just 3 points which is 29.9 points lower than their regular season record.

Goff had a rough night having been brought down four times by the Patriots. They kept him to just 229 yards and a 57.9 passer rating, the Patriots also restricted Rams to 3.4 yards per carry which further emphasizes their defensive efforts. Despite the Rams having one of the most prolific offenses this season they were still held back throughout the game and never scored a single touchdown.  The Rams were having a tough night, especially in the first half where they were shutout and only made 57 yards.

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The Patriots dominated offensively but despite their 195 yards gained compared to the Rams 57, they only led 3-0 at halftime. The game was tied at 3-0 until the fourth quarter where Stephen Gostkowski who’s often overlooked had a great game and sealed the game with just over a minute left on the clock, he kicked a clutch 41-yard field goal to extend the Patriots lead to 10 points. 

The stats don’t lie, and they show that the game was not entertaining. The first half score indicated that heavily as it was the second lowest scoring half in Super Bowl history. Many fans complained not only about the game but also about the halftime show which they felt could’ve been better and they never really took to Maroon 5. Despite all the criticism and lack of entertainment the Patriots pulled it off, won the Super Bowl once again and lets not shy away from the fact that they are the most dominant team in the NFL.

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