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Looking Forward To Super Bowl 2019

Arguably the biggest sporting event in America is quickly approaching which is the Super Bowl 2019 between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams.

The much-anticipated game has attracted many an it returns to Atlanta for the first-time sine 1999-2000 season. The stadium that will be hosting the final is not just any stadium, it has been developed into the new Mercedes Benz Stadium which replaced the old Georgia Dome that was home to the Falcons years ago. Many are excited because Atlanta has a legacy and is extremely welcoming.

Who’s Going To Take It All? 

This is a long debate that could go on for hours on end, but majority of fans agree that the Patriots are the favourites to win Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta on Sunday. Vegas bookmakers are also doubting the Rams ability to win because they have given the Patriots a 2.5-point lead. Although there is hope for the Rams as the Patriots had lost to the Philadelphia Eagles last year as the underdogs.

Super Bowl 2019 Pre Match Review

There is no writing off the Rams, throughout the NFL regular season the Ram were the Super Bowl favourites for many. Often the occasion of the Super Bowl leads to little points totals but the 2018 Super Bowl was a high scoring one and this year is surely going to be the same. We can expect a lot of points to be scored in the Super Bowl by both teams as the Patriots have the all-time great Tom Brady who leads their offense and is always an impact player, while the Rams have a powerful offense with many versatile players. 

What The Patriots Need To Do To Win

A vital part of the game for the Patriots that they need to do is to block the Rams’ interior pass rush. Why? Well Tom Brady’s passer rating has decreased in recent times against inside pressure in comparison with pressure he faced from the edge this season. The Rams have best interior defensive line in the NFL with Aaron Donald, Ndamukong Suh and Michael Brockers therefore the Patriots will have to be strong in their interior pass rush. They also need to force the Rams into putting the game into the hands of Jared Goff. The Rams have used the run game this season and it has brought them a lot of success.

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What The Rams Need To Do To Win

The Rams need to release the ball much quicker than they have, Goff has been the biggest issue around this having the fifth highest average in the league in terms of holding the ball too long. The Patriots have been struggling defensively, especially when the ball is released quickly, and this is because of their lack of consistent pass-rush. The Rams need to exploit the Patriots mistakes because they have been far from perfect during the playoffs. The Patriots offensive line has been exposed a lot so the Rams ned to bring a lot of pressure right up the middle. 

The Super Bowl is going to be a spectacle that cannot be missed, it promises to deliver an incredible game. Both the Rams and the Patriots are exciting teams that bring a lot to the table which should provide a lot of entertainment. Whoever ends up winning the Super Bowl certainly does deserve it as both teams have had an incredible season.

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