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Bookmakers or Sportsbook Companies (Bookies) are organisations that takes bets on sporting and other events at agreed odds. In the United Kingdom, the first bookmaker is believed to be Harry Ogden, who started his operations in the 1970s; and after the Gaming Act 1845 was enacted, the only gambling permitted in the United Kingdom was at race tracks.

UK, US, EU and Worldwide Sportsbook Companies have come a long way since then. Now we have bookmakers not only on race tracks, but high streets, via phones, mobile devices and online. Bookies have also broadened their coverage to include every sporting and special event imaginable. So anyone can have a bet on popular sports like Horse Racing, English Premier League football, F1 Motor racing; or specialist sports like Bowls, GAA Hurling and Handball; to TV episodes and political elections.

OddsBreaker will ensure that all bookmakers listed, reviewed and/or promoted on our site are licensed, trusted and professional in terms of their business structure and operations.